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Student services

Supporting you throughout your study abroad

We provide a wide range of services for students at all of our study locations. Wherever you choose to study with Kaplan, our support network of staff and services will be ready to help you settle in and give you the best chance of achieving success.

GIC student Iris from Macau

Iris from Macau SAR

Student at Glasgow International College, UK

Staff at the College really helped me adjust to living in the UK. There were so many welcome events, sports events and campus tours, so you get to meet students from all over the world.

Application support

Our support starts from the moment you first contact Kaplan about studying abroad. We’ll give you expert counselling about which university, degree and programme is right for you, including checking your qualifications match the entry requirements.

We make the application process easy, and you’ll receive personalised assistance from our multilingual team, completely free of charge. You can rely on us to provide the best advice on study options, applications and accommodation.

We will lead you through the admissions process with step-by-step support, and will review supporting documents to ensure that your application is complete, giving you the best possible chance of being accepted on to one of our programmes.

With our help, you’ll find the perfect pathway to university.

Pre-arrival support

We’ll continue to support you as you prepare to leave your home country. We’ll send you a handy pre-arrival guide, and give you all the advice you need about applying for a visa, studying abroad, and student life in your new city. To help you choose student housing while you study, we provide an accommodation guide.

For students going to the UK, we can also provide you with student insurance for your time studying abroad. If you’re heading to the USA, we’ll send you details of the university’s health plan.

We’re also keen to involve students’ parents, and can hold pre-departure briefings at selected study abroad country offices to help you and your family prepare for your time abroad. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you are ready for life in another country.

Get in touch with Kaplan to discuss your options and find your best path to university.

Post-arrival support

Once you arrive at your study destination, we’ll help you get to your new home, and will do everything possible to make sure you’re settled in. This can include picking you up from the airport, helping you register with health services, open a bank account, and organising a fun and friendly Welcome Week.

During Welcome Week, students will receive their biometric registration card, which is necessary for visa compliance in the UK. Throughout your time studying with us, we’ll do everything we can to ensure full visa compliance, including counselling for any visa enquiries or extensions.

While you study with us, our student services staff will always be available to you. They will be ready to help you with any administration, as well as academic challenges and getting used to life abroad. Throughout the year there will be social activities organised to allow you get to know your fellow students, and enjoy a rich and rewarding study abroad experience.

Finally, we understand that parents will be eager to know how their son or daughter is doing. Events for parents are also organised for the first week of term, and we provide a number of services for parents to ensure they have peace of mind.

Student Assistance Programme

We always strive to keep our students happy and make sure they feel supported mentally and emotionally, as well as academically.

The Student Assistance Programme offers free support services for students in the UK, accessible either by phone or through the My Healthy Advantage app. All calls to the 24/7 helpline are confidential and will be answered by an experienced counsellor or therapist.

You’ll also benefit from a translation service, a medical information helpline, physiotherapy referrals and more.

Progression support

When the time comes to progress to a degree at university, our staff will help you with the transition, and advise you on any important decisions you have to make. For students who pass, but don’t meet the entry requirements for their first-choice degree, we’ll offer counselling on back-up options to ensure you still progress to a suitable bachelor’s or master’s programme, either at the same university, or at a different institution.

In the UK, we have a dedicated University Placement Service (UPS) for students in this situation. With UPS, you’re guaranteed a place at UK university, as long as you pass your pathway courses at the minimum required level and with good attendance. This means that you can still follow your path to a great university abroad.

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