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It’s great that you feel ready to apply to study abroad. It’s an exciting step on your journey! 

All you need to do is select the education institution you’re interested in studying, and fill out the relevant application form. If you aren’t sure what to do just yet, don’t worry. Contact us and we’ll be able to advise you. 

Apply to study in the USA

Start your journey to a US university by applying today. 

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Apply to study in the UK 

Take your first step to studying in the UK by applying today. 

Apply to study in Canada 

Begin your journey to a Canadian university by applying today.  

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Apply to study in Australia or New Zealand

If you’re looking to study abroad in Australia or New Zealand, select your university below. 

Apply to study in Australia

Looking to study in Australia? Start your application to one of our Australian university partners.  

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Apply to study in New Zealand

Looking to study in New Zealand? Start your application to Massey University. 

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Apply for online study

Apply to Kaplan Open Learning

Looking to study online? Start your application to the University of Essex or University of Liverpool. 

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Not ready to apply yet?

Just get in touch and discuss your options with a friendly education adviser.