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The cost of studying abroad

Find out how much it costs to study abroad in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Why studying abroad is worth it

  • Globally respected degree and improved career prospects

  • Chance to travel the world and experience new cultures

  • Make friends for life and become part of a global network 

Cost of studying in the USA

Tuition cost for international students

See approximately how much you can expect to pay to study abroad in the USA. 

  • Degrees typically cost from $32,769 to $70,000 per year* 
  • Degree preparation programs range from $2,270 to $39,000 

*Costs shown reflect the base tuition and program fees (applicable for the 2022–23 academic year). 

Cost of attendance

Find out more about the associated costs of being an international student in America, including: 

  • general student services fees 
  • health insurance 
  • learning materials 


Learn about where you could live and explore your options, which include: 

  • on-campus university accommodation 
  • off-campus private housing 

Paying for your studies in the USA

Make sure you’re aware of payment requirements for studying in the USA. See more about:

  • application and enrollment fees
  • paying your deposit
  • key deadlines
  • frequently asked questions about payments

Cost of studying in the UK

Tuition cost for international students

Discover how much you can expect to pay for your tuition when studying in the UK. 

  • Typically, a degree preparation course costs from £14,000 
  • A bachelor’s degree can cost from £13,500 per year* 
  • A master’s degree can cost from £13,000* 

*Degree tuition fees change regularly and this is an approximation. 

Cost of living

Make sure you’re prepared for the cost of everyday life in the UK. See more about: 

  • Proof of funds needed for visa purposes 
  • Daily living costs, including eating out and groceries 
  • Accommodation and utility bills 

International student insurance

Understand the type of insurance you’ll need when in the UK. 

  • Comprehensive insurance policy offered by Kaplan in partnership with a leading insurance provider 
  • Peace of mind about travel, health and your studies 

Paying for your studies in the UK

Find out everything you need to know about paying for your studies in the UK, including:

  • Application and administration fees  
  • Paying your deposit
  • Important deadlines
  • Frequently asked questions about payments


We know that a high-quality education is a significant investment in your future.   

To help make studying abroad more affordable, there are four types of scholarship opportunities available through Kaplan Pathways.  

4 types of scholarships available:

  • Scholarships for studying in the USA

  • Scholarships for studying in the UK

  • Impact scholarships

  • Scholarships for students from Saudi Arabia

Cost of studying in Canada