How to apply  Fees and costs Fees and costs for studying in the UK

Fees and costs for studying in the UK

How much does it cost to study abroad in the UK?

It depends! Some UK locations, courses and degrees are more expensive than others, but here’s a brief overview to give you an idea of what to expect.

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Degree preparation course fees 

Pre-Sessional English 

from £880

Foundation Certificate 

from £14,770 

International Year One 

from £15,140 


from £15,630 


from £5,670

(Prices shown are for the 2023–24 academic year and may change in the future. Prices are shown exclusive of any recruitment taxes that may be due.)  

UK university degree tuition fees 

Once you’ve progressed from your preparation course to a UK university degree, you will need to start paying your degree tuition fees.  

Undergraduate degrees

from £13,500 per year 

Postgraduate degrees

from £13,000

(Prices shown are international student tuition fees per year for 2023–24. This may increase in future academic years.)  

Things to consider… 

Living costs in the UK 

You’ll want to make sure you can enjoy your time outside the classroom while you study abroad. Here are some things to consider… 

  • For visa purposes, you must have at least £1,023 for each month of your degree preparation course 
  • £1,334 per month if you are studying in London
  • This is to cover living expenses for up to 9 months

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UK average prices for:
  • Cappuccino: £2.90 

  • Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £14 

  • 5GB of mobile data: from £6 a month 

  • Weekly food shop: £29 

UK accommodation 

You can choose from a wide range of accommodation options, making it easy to find your perfect home away from home that fits your needs and budget.  

All bills (WiFi, electricity, gas, and water) are included at our residences, so you don’t need to worry about any unexpected costs! 

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UK average accommodation prices for:
  • Private bedroom and bathroom in a shared apartment 

    from £10,500 per year

  • Private studio and bathroom

    from £12,800 per year

UK scholarships for international students

Studying abroad is a huge investment in your future. To make the experience more affordable, we offer scholarships that can help cover some of the costs. 

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