University of Birmingham fees and dates 

University of Birmingham fees and dates

Tuition fees are an important financial consideration when choosing to study abroad. Here you’ll find an overview of the fees for students taking a foundation pathways programme on campus at the University of Birmingham.

Foundation pathways tuition fees

Here you can see the total tuition fees you’ll need to pay for your chosen foundation pathways programme at the University of Birmingham.

Tuition fees for 2024-25 University of Birmingham foundation pathways courses are as follows:

Foundation pathways Tuition fees (2024–25 academic year) Course details
Arts, Social Sciences, Business and Law £22,860View course details
Engineering and Physical Sciences £23,460View course details
Medical, Life and Geo Sciences£24,660 View course details
Medicine and Physiotherapy £24,660View course details
Social Sciences, Business and Law £22,860View course details

Degree tuition fees

The tuition fees for your University of Birmingham degree will vary considerably, depending on your chosen area of study. To get an idea of what you can expect to pay, follow the links below and find your preferred degree. 

Cost of living

As well as the cost of your tuition fees, there will be various other costs associated with studying and living in Birmingham that you’ll need to consider.


We offer partial tuition scholarships for foundation pathways programmes at the University of Birmingham. These are awarded to selected students who achieve highly in their secondary education.

Course dates

All Foundation pathways programmes at Birmingham start in September, in the main Autumn intake.

In addition, the following pathways are also available as a January start:

  • Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Social Sciences, Business and Law

There is no set deadline by which you need to apply or send us your deposit. We recommend, however, that you apply at least a few months before your preferred start date, so that you have enough time to apply for your visa, reserve your accommodation and get ready to travel. 

Download summary sheets

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  • Enrolment dates
  • Degree intakes

Deposits and refunds

You can find more information about the deposits and refunds policy at the University of Birmingham on the University’s website.