Study options Degree admission What is degree admission?

What is degree admission?

If you meet the entry requirements, we can help you apply for a degree at a great university in an exciting international study destination. 

Degree admission explained

Degree admission, sometimes known as “direct admission”, means that a student has met all the entry requirements for a degree. If their application is successful, they can start their degree without the need for any degree preparation

The requirements an international student must meet include both academic and English language level. If you meet the requirements, Kaplan can help you apply directly to a degree. 

Want to see what degrees are available? 

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Why choose Kaplan for degree admission?

Applying to a university abroad can be a long and sometimes complex process. We’re here to make it as simple as possible.

We’ll help you with:

  • Choosing the right degree for you

  • Preparing and checking your application

  • Guiding you on writing a standout personal statement

  • Keeping your application on track

  • Understanding study costs and scholarships

  • No application fee

  • Guidance with the visa process 

  • Advice from local education experts

Types of degree admission

There are a few different types of degree admission. The most common type of entry into university is admission to a bachelor’s or master’s degree.


Bachelor’s degree admission

Apply for degree admission into a bachelor’s degree.


Master’s degree admission

Apply for degree admission into a master’s degree.


Transfer admission

Transfer your academic credits into another university.

Not sure what you need to apply?

Just get in touch to talk through your options with one of our friendly education advisors.