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Kaplan’s work with Education Agents

Kaplan works with trusted recruitment agencies across the world, enabling us to help more students from more countries follow their paths to academic success. As an Education Agent, you provide a crucial connection between Kaplan and prospective students. 

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Working with us

As an agent partnered with Kaplan, you’ll open up a whole range of exceptional study options for your students. We are partnered with world-class universities in Canada, the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, and have years of experience in preparing international students for university studies. 

We take our work with agents very seriously. What you can expect as a Kaplan Education Agent: 

  • We offer a named service, so you’ll always talk to one person 

  • You’ll get a chance to visit our International Colleges and partner universities on organised trips 

  • We provide online and offline resources to help you better counsel your students

  • You can benefit from a training and support programme for agent partners 

We have fantastic relationships with many Education Agents around the world, but we’re always interested in building more. 

Whether your agency is small or large, we’d love to hear from you. 

Kaplan Partner Service 

Kaplan Partner Service (KPS) was established as a dedicated service that provides our partner agents with everything they need to succeed.

What does KPS do? 

Acts as the central point of contact for our partner agents 

No matter which university or college you are recruiting for, you’ll always deal with KPS, making things simpler and more consistent. 

Keeps you updated with new information about our colleges, partner universities, and new course offerings

You can always get in touch for any additional information you might need. 

Monitors how satisfied our partner agents are with our work, and strives to ensure consistently exceptional service levels

We’re always keen to receive feedback, and actively pursue ways to make our relationships even more fruitful.

Want to partner with us?

In 2024, Kaplan Pathways became the first pathway provider to sign up to the UK Agent Quality Framework. As part of our commitment to the Agent Quality Framework, we require all our agent partners also uphold the highest standards. Current and prospective Kaplan partner agents are expected to: 

  • Ensure that the majority of their counselling staff have successfully completed British Council UK Agent and Counsellor training
  • Promote the Student Guide to Choosing an Education Agent on their website
  • Ensure that any sub-agent partners endorse the National Code of Ethical Practice, which will also require the completion of British Council UK Agent and Counsellor training 
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Apply to be a Kaplan Pathways agent 

If you’d like to work with us as a partner agent or agency, we’d love to hear from you.

Complete our agent application form to apply to become a Kaplan partner.