UK universities career skills

It’s never too early to start thinking about your career

That’s why our degree preparation courses are designed with employability in mind.

We embed career skills into our curriculum and include lots of opportunities for you to get ready for the world of work.

A UWEBIC student with a teacher in the robotics laboratory

During your degree preparation course, we’ll help you to:

  •  Find your goals by doing quizzes and activities that help you explore your skills and interests

  •  Build your profile by enhancing your expertise, attending careers events, and developing a professional network

  •  Show your skills by building a personalised portfolio and earning digital badges

  • Boost your experience by doing a virtual internship, volunteering or taking a part-time job

  •  Reach your potential 
    by using your university’s careers service and becoming a successful graduate

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Work experience opportunities

Pathway courses with internships 

In many cases, you can take an integrated online internship in the UK as part of your degree preparation course. It’s a great way to gain experience in a professional environment. 

Text, Why take a pathways course with internship?
Why take a pathway course with internship?

Job opportunities while you study

As an international student in the UK, your visa usually allows you to work part-time during your degree preparation course and full-time during the holidays. Part-time jobs are an excellent way to fund your studies. They also help you gain transferable skills that you can take with you into your future career.   

Careers support at university 

Many degrees at our partner universities include work placements, such as a Year in Industry. And you can also take summer internships while at university to boost your employability.   

Your university will have a dedicated Careers Service team that can help you find work experience and build upon the employability skills you learnt during your degree preparation course.