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Master’s degree admission

We can help you gain entry to a master’s degree at a top university

Learn how to apply for entry into a master’s degree at one of our university partners. 

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Is master’s degree admission right for me?

You should apply for master’s degree admission if you: 

  • have completed the equivalent of a US or Canadian bachelor’s degree 

  • want to earn a master’s (or graduate) degree 

  • meet the English language requirements for your chosen degree 

  • meet the academic requirements for the degree

Want to explore your master’s degree options?

Where can I apply for master’s degree admission? 

If you qualify, you can start your master’s degree by applying for degree admission. 

US master’s degree admission

In the USA, you can apply through Kaplan to a choice of 240+ master’s degrees across two universities. 


Arizona State University

A high-ranking innovative university in sunny Arizona.


Pace University

Get excellent employment connections studying in the heart of New York.

Canadian master’s degree admission

You can choose to study a master’s degree at a leading university in Canada’s renowned higher education system.  


University of Victoria

A forward-thinking university in stunning British Columbia.

Still have questions? Here’s some help…

Does “degree admission” mean I do not need to take a preparation course?

Yes, if your English language level and academic background meet the entry requirements for your chosen master’s degree, then you will not need to take any degree preparation courses prior to starting your degree.

Why apply for master’s degree admission with Kaplan? 

When you apply with Kaplan, we’ll support you every step of the way, from checking your application and personal statement, to ensuring you don’t miss key deadlines, right through to helping you prepare for arrival in the USA or Canada. 

What if I don’t meet the requirements for master’s degree admission? 

If you do not yet meet the entry requirements for your preferred master’s, you may first need to take a degree preparation course. There are several degree preparation options available, depending on your academic background and English language level.