Study options Degree preparation course What is degree preparation?

What is degree preparation?

Degree preparation courses, also known as pathway courses, help you gain entry to a degree at a university abroad. 

A degree preparation course will: 

  • increase your subject knowledge

  • improve your English language level

  • develop your academic study skills 

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You’ll typically study your degree preparation course at a specialist study centre, often based on a university campus, alongside other international students. 

Your simple 5-step journey: 

  1. Start here 

    Complete high school or a bachelor’s degree.

  2. Take a degree preparation course

    in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand.

  3. Progress to university 

    for your bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

  4. Graduate  

    and finish university with a degree.

  5. Go on to enjoy a successful career! 

Once you successfully complete your course, you’ll progress to your chosen university degree. 

Our guarantee

When you pass your degree preparation course at the required level with good attendance, you’re guaranteed entry to your chosen university degree.  

Why might you need a degree preparation course?  

There are a few different reasons why you might need to take a degree preparation course (pathway course):

  • The education system in your home country may be shorter than in the country where you want to study your degree. Your degree preparation course will help you fill in the gaps.  

  • Your academic grades aren’t quite high enough for you to qualify for entry to your chosen degree.  

  • You don’t have the required English score (IELTS or equivalent) for admission to your chosen degree. 

  • You want to get into a university that isn’t yet available to you with your current grades or language level.   

  • You don’t feel ready to study at university and believe you would benefit from expert preparation before you start.

If one or more of these reasons applies to you, a degree preparation course may be the way to achieve your academic goals.  

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Types of degree preparation

There is a variety of degree preparation courses. The preparation course you need will depend on your study level and what degree you want to progress to at university.


Bachelor’s degree preparation

Academic and language preparation for a bachelor’s degree.


Master’s degree preparation

Academic and language preparation for a master’s degree. 


English language preparation

English language preparation for university-level study.


Doctoral degree preparation

Academic and language preparation for a doctoral degree.

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