Support for studying abroad
Student with a smiling face at the student services

Support for studying abroad

Before you study abroad 

Our support begins before you even start studying abroad

Application support

From help with choosing a study option and advice on entry requirements to guidance on submitting your application and obtaining a student visa, we’re here to support you from the start of your journey.

Pre-arrival support

We’ll make sure that you have everything ready before you travel to your study destination, including helping you organise any documents and arrival arrangements.

Parents’ and guardians’ guide

Your parents or guardians may want to be involved in the process of studying abroad. Share our parents’ and guardians’ page with them to help answer any questions.

While you study abroad

When you’re at your study destination, you’ll have lots of help available, such as friendly student support staff and useful resources. 

Student services 

At your study centre and university, you’ll have access to student services that focus on your welfare. From academic support to wellbeing and mental health resources, you’ll always have someone to ask for help. 

Health and safety 

Your health and safety is a top priority. You should feel comfortable when you’re studying abroad and understand where to go for healthcare and welfare needs. We’ll make sure you have everything you need. 

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After you study abroad

It’s important to think about what you want to do in the future, and develop the skills that make you valuable to employers. Our study options and university partners help you do just that. 

Career preparation

We embed career skills into our UK curriculum, and all our university partners have dedicated careers centres to help you prepare for the world of work after you graduate. In many cases, you’ll also be able to complete an optional internship or work experience placement.