Study options Degree admission What is transfer admission?

What is transfer admission?

If you have already earned some university credits at the undergraduate level, you can apply to transfer those credits to a new university in the USA or Canada. 

With transfer admission, you can: 

  • Switch your studies to a new university

  • Count your previously earned credits toward a new bachelor’s degree

  • Continue your academic progress without repeating classes or adding extra time

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Have you already started an undergraduate degree at a university in your home country or elsewhere? You may be able to transfer the academic credits you’ve earned to a new university in the USA or Canada.

Your simple 5-step journey

We’ll help you:

  1. Start your undergraduate studies

    in your home country, study destination or elsewhere

  2. Apply for transfer admission 

    at a university in the USA or Canada

  3. Complete two or three years

    in a bachelor’s degree at your chosen university 

  4. Graduate 

    with your bachelor’s degree from your new university 

  5. Go on to enjoy a successful career! 

    Once you have transferred to a new university, you’ll be able to complete your bachelor’s degree. 

Our promise 

If you are eligible for transfer admission, we will do our very best to ensure as many credits as possible are transferred to your new university, so that you don’t add any extra time to your studies.

Why might you want to transfer to another university?

There are several reasons why you may choose to transfer to a new university in the USA or Canada. 

Want to explore your transfer admission options?

Transfer to a US university

Transfer the credits you’ve earned to one of our top-ranking university partners in the USA. Students typically need to complete at least one year of undergraduate-level study before applying for transfer admission. The amount of coursework you can transfer to your US degree program will depend on your grades, and whether your chosen US university offers equivalent courses.


Arizona State University 

  • An innovative, top-ranking public university in sunny Arizona


Pace University

  • A one-of-a-kind educational experience in bustling New York


Simmons University

  • A leadership-focused education in America’s #1 student city: Boston


University of Connecticut

  • A prestigious public education on a classic American campus

Transfer to a Canadian university

You may be able to transfer one or two years of credits you’ve already earned to a bachelor’s degree at our partner university in Canada.  


University of Victoria

  • A forward-thinking Canadian university with an emphasis on career-readiness

Not sure what you need to do next?

Just get in touch and discuss your options with one of our friendly Education Advisors.