Where to study

Where to study

Choose from exciting destinations around the world and study at a top university 

Explore our fantastic university partners in exciting locations in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. 

American Flags as Symbol of the American Nation

US universities

Study in the USA and experience life as an international student as you earn a highly regarded degree.

  • US degrees are recognized worldwide for their academic excellence 

  • Flexible and customizable degree programs

  • American universities are renowned for their unique campus culture

Canadian universities

Home to a world-leading public education system, Canada offers international students a rewarding university experience.

  • Canadian degrees are respected and valued by employers globally

  • A safe and welcoming destination for international students

  • International research carried out by world-leading institutions

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Our Canadian university partners

Union Jack flags and the big ben in London

UK universities

Discover academic opportunities in the UK, home to some of the world’s oldest and most respected universities

  • Choose from historic and modern universities

  • A popular destination for international students 

  • Many UK universities consistently perform well in world rankings

Australian universities

Australia is an exciting place to study abroad, with many highly ranked and innovative universities.

  • Recognised worldwide for its fantastic universities 

  • High number of international students 

  • Home to impactful research that changes lives

Australian flag and Sydney CBD

New Zealand flag on the mast

New Zealand universities

New Zealand offers a unique university experience for international students. 

  • New Zealand’s universities often rank highly worldwide 

  • Lots of opportunities available outside your studies

  • Universities are known for conducting impressive research 

Our New Zealand university partners

Online options

You don’t necessarily need to study in person. We also offer online study options, allowing you the flexibility to complete your studies remotely.  

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Other Kaplan Pathways study locations 

In addition to the locations above, we have a number of study destinations offering different routes to university. 

BEO colleges in Japan

Prepare for a UK university postgraduate degree at a study centre in Osaka or Tokyo. 

Kaplan Higher Education Academy in Singapore

Study a UK, Irish or Australian university degree from our centre in Singapore. 

Kaplan Higher Education Academy in Hong Kong SAR 

Study a UK, US, Irish or Australian university degree from our study centre in Hong Kong SAR.