Study options

Study options

Let’s find the best study option for you 

To gain entry to a university degree or a preparation course abroad, you’ll need to meet minimum academic and English language requirements. That’s where we can help! We provide: 

  • Help with choosing the right university degree for you  

  • Guidance on entry requirements

  • Assistance with submitting your application

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Choose from 3 study options: 


Degree admission

Perfect for students who already meet the entry requirements for a degree at one of our university partners offering this option.


Degree preparation

Specially designed courses, such as pathway courses, for international students, to help you gain entry to an excellent university abroad.


High school courses

Ideal for students who want to gain high school qualifications before university.

Still got questions? 

Here’s some help… 

What’s the difference between degree admission and degree preparation? 

Students will generally first try to simply apply for degree admission, which means they will start their university degree straightaway. However, if you don’t quite meet the entry requirements, or want some additional academic or English preparation before you start your degree, then you can take a pathway course — also referred to as a degree preparation course.  

Are degree preparation courses and pathway courses the same thing? 

Yes. A degree preparation course is also known as a pathway course, and will help you meet the entry requirements for your chosen degree. It is studied before your degree begins. 

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How do I know if I qualify to study abroad? 

Different universities, degrees and courses will have different entry requirements. It’s very likely that, whatever your circumstances, there will be an option to study abroad that suits you. We’re here to help you find it. Learn more on our entry requirements page

Are there undergraduate and graduate study options? 

There are options available for both undergraduate and graduate (or postgraduate) study. This refers to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, but also preparation courses for each level of study.