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Costa - Bournemouth University International College

Costa from Zambia

"I consider the UK to be my home now; I've made many friends. It's been a life-changing experience."

Costa was attracted to the idea of studying abroad to learn about other cultures. He chose to study a pathway course in the UK at Bournemouth University International College. Costa progressed to a Business degree at Bournemouth University, and now has bold plans to study a master's degree after his bachelor's.

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Jitimiebi - Nottingham Trent International College

Jitimiebi from Nigeria

"Living in the UK has been an adventure; it was a beautiful one, and I would love to do it again."

Jitimiebi had always been passionate about studying Law after seeing how it could be a powerful force for good in her home country. She chose to study a pathway course at Nottingham Trent International College in the UK. She is now studying a Law degree at Nottingham Trent University, and plans to become a solicitor when she returns home.

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Rashid - Liverpool International College

Rashid from the United Arab Emirates

"In my opinion, studying abroad is a great way to gain experiences and build your confidence."

Rashid travelled from the United Arab Emirates to study in the UK, with a keen interest in Politics. He enrolled at Liverpool International College to study a pathway course, and he has since progressed to a Criminology degree at the University of Liverpool.

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Jihang - Global Pathways at Pace University

Jihang from China

"I wanted to experience US culture, and the best way to truly experience it is to live in the US."

Jihang's interests lay in finance, and, as a result, she decided she wanted to study in the "financial capital of the world": New York City. She chose to study a Global Pathways program at Pace University, New York. She progressed to a Finance degree, and since graduating, has taken a job at a top US IT service provider in Beijing.

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German - Kaplan International College London

German from Colombia

"As part of my degree, I've been able to do a work placement; for me that was really important."

German has always had an enthusiasm for technology and how things work. He decided to pursue this interest abroad at a university in the UK. He studied a pathway course with Kaplan, and progressed to a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Birmingham. He now has big plans to go into Robotics when he graduates.

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Nur - Liverpool International College

Nur from Brunei

"I wanted to travel to other countries in Europe while studying, so the UK is a good, strategic place to be."

Nur wanted to follow in the footsteps of her siblings and study at a UK university. She studied a pathway course at Liverpool International College, and has since progressed to a Psychology degree at the University of Liverpool. She hopes to work in developmental psychology when she graduates.

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