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Inclusion. Diversity. Education.
This is how we shape the world.

As an international education provider, we advocate for knowledge, understanding and inclusion. Diversity is at the heart of what we do, and we believe that background, ethnicity, sexuality, gender or identity should never stop someone from pursuing knowledge and broadening their horizons.

Causes to care about: latest stories

At Kaplan Pathways, we work towards creating gender and racial equality, improving access to education and promoting mental health awareness. Read some of our latest stories to learn more about the causes we care about.

Racial equality

How our US partner universities support Native American students

Discover how our US partner universities engage with Native American communities.

Black History Month banner

Racial equality

5 important moments in UK Black history

Learn about 5 key moments in UK Black history.

Black History Month banner

Racial equality

What is Windrush?

Learn about the Windrush generation and their contributions to society.

girl child learning to write

Access to education, Gender equality

No Girl Left Behind: Plan International in Zimbabwe

Student Ambassador Munashe talks about Plan International’s work in Zimbabwe.

Black History Month

Racial equality

Who were the Mangrove 9?

Learn about the inspiring story of the Mangrove 9.

Hispanic Heritage Month banner

Racial equality

7 influential Hispanic Americans to admire

Celebrate the achievements of 7 influential Hispanic Americans with us!

Mental health awareness

Why is mental health important?

Student Ambassador Anxhela shares why she thinks mental health is important.

Racial equality

Why is racial equality important?

Student Ambassador Bonaventure from Uganda answers the question ‘why is racial equality important?’. Learn more.

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Mental health awareness

Best degrees to study for a career in mental health

Take a look at our list of the best degrees to do for a career in mental health.

Racial equality

5 inspirational Asian Americans you should know about

Read our list of 5 inspirational Asian Americans to celebrate.

Girls student graduation

Access to education, Gender equality

4 ways title IX expanded women’s access to US higher education

Learn about 4 ways Title IX expanded US higher education access for women.

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Gender equality

5 women have championed girls’ education

Read the stories of 5 incredible women who have championed girls’ education.

student writing in the book

1,000 girls’ educations supported in Senegal 

483 new female teachers trained in Sierra Leone