How to apply  Application process US application process

US application process

We make applying to a US university simpler for international students thinking of studying abroad in the USA. 

How to apply

  1. Complete an application form

    Submit your application and supporting documents today, or save your application and return to it later.

  2. Have your application reviewed 

    Kaplan reviews your documents and submits your application to the university. After submission, you can access your university portal.

  3. Get an offer of admission 

    Receive an admission decision from the University to which you applied.

  4. Accept your offer 

    Choose to accept your offer by paying your deposit (if needed) and submit your proof of finances to receive your I-20.

  5. Apply for a US student visa 

    After receiving your I-20 document from your university, you can then apply for a US student visa.

Start your application today

Application deadlines for US universities

 Application deadlines vary by university and program. Some universities have flexible policies for international students — you can see the application dates for the university you’re interested in by clicking the tiles below. 

Document checklist 

For a complete application, you’ll need to upload some documents along with your application form. Specific required documents will vary by university and degree program. Some required documents may include: 

  • Academic transcript(s), including translations if your original transcripts aren’t in English 

  • Proof of English language proficiency 

  • Personal statement 

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or résumé  

  • Letters of reference/recommendation 

  • Copy of your passport 

  • Financial proof showing you can cover your study and living expenses 

  • Graduate admission test scores 

If you’d like some extra support with this process in your home country, we can recommend a trusted local Education Agent. 

How we help you apply for a US degree 

You don’t need to feel nervous about applying. Our friendly team is here to help and, no matter your educational background, we will support you in finding a study option that works best for you.   

Additional support 

For students with a medical condition or disability 

It’s important for you to let your university know about any medical condition or disability you may have, so they can ensure you get the support you need. This will not affect your admissions assessment. All US universities are required to make an environment that’s accessible to students with disabilities. This includes: 

  • accessible classrooms, housing, labs, libraries and transportation 
  • guidance on requesting support, such as sign language, interpreters, alternative formats, note-takers and extra time on tests 
  • extra academic advising 
  • mental health and wellbeing support

For students who want to earn a US high school diploma 

ASU Prep Digital is an accredited online US high school diploma program created by the USA’s most innovative university, Arizona State University. The program has been built with international students in mind, inviting global learners to join the US education system from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection!

US university admission decisions

Here’s some help with questions you might have about an admission decision from a US university.  

When will I receive an admission decision? 

This varies a lot depending on when you apply and the university/program you apply for. At the University of Connecticut, the majority of decisions are released together on March 1. At our other US university partners, typical decision times vary from five working days to around one month from the date your application is considered complete by the University. 

What does unconditional admission mean? 

An unconditional offer means that there are no conditions you need to meet, but you may still need to send financial documents as part of the visa application process. 

What do I need to do if I have conditional admission? 

If you need to improve your English proficiency, you will be conditionally admitted to a degree or pathway program. You must then submit a qualifying language score or join an English preparation program, before you start your academic program. 

If you have received a conditional offer for a graduate program then you will need to complete any pre-requisites in order to be admitted.

What happens if my application is unsuccessful? 

If your application is not successful, we can look at alternative or more suitable study options for you, based on your qualifications and circumstances. For example, the university may offer you an alternative program if you are not admitted to your preferred major. 

Important dates  

Some of our US university partners have multiple intakes per year. We always recommend applying as early as possible, so that you have enough time to arrange your US student visa and student housing. 

Arizona State University Fall 2024 semester deadlines

Application deadline I-20 deadline Program 
June 14July 22Graduate degrees*
July 3July 22Undergraduate degrees*
July 8July 22ASU-USA Pathways undergraduate
July 15July 22English Language Program (Fall A Campus immersion)
August 8n/aEnglish Language Program (Fall A Online immersion)
September 10September 17English Language Program (Fall B Campus immersion)
October 3n/aEnglish Language Program (Fall B Online immersion)
*Some degrees have much earlier deadlines. For exact dates, please check the ASU summary sheet.

Pace University Fall 2024 semester deadlines

Application deadline I-20 deadline Program 
July 15July 15Undergraduate & Graduate Global Pathways program
July 15July 15Undergraduate & Graduate degree admission
August 5August 5Intensive English Program (Fall I)
September 23September 23Intensive English Program (Fall II)
*Some degrees have much earlier deadlines. For exact dates, please check the Pace summary sheet.

Simmons University Fall 2024 semester deadlines

Application deadline I-20 deadlineProgram 
July 3July 15General admission

Arizona State University Spring 2025 semester deadlines

Application deadline I-20 deadline Program 
October 29December 6Undergraduate degrees*
November 18DecemberGraduate degrees*
November 30December 7ASU-USA Pathways undergraduate
December 1December 8English Language Program (Spring A Campus immersion)
December 25n/aEnglish Language Program (Spring A Online immersion)
February 2February 9English Language Program (Spring B Campus immersion)
February 24n/aEnglish Language Program (Spring B Online immersion)
*Some degrees have much earlier deadlines. For exact dates, please check the ASU summary sheet.

Pace University Spring 2025 semester deadlines

Application deadline I-20 deadline Program 
November 15December 8Undergraduate & Graduate Pathways program
November 15December 15Undergraduate & Graduate degree admission
December 23December 23Intensive English Program (Spring I)
March 3March 3Intensive English Program (Spring II)