Arizona State University tuition and dates 

Arizona State University tuition and dates 

Costs are a key factor in any decision to invest in a university education. Here you’ll find an overview of the types of fees for students at ASU and information regarding important deadlines.

Students must consider the following costs:

  • Tuition: the cost of your classes, and likely the most expensive element of your education
  • Student housing: the cost of your room while living in Arizona
  • Meal plan: the cost of your access to campus dining as an ASU student
  • Program and service fees: the cost of instruction above the base tuition amount
  • Student services fees: the cost of access to facilities and services designed to enrich the student experience 
  • Health insurance: the cost of health-care coverage while enrolled as a student at ASU
  • Books, course materials, supplies and equipment: the cost of course-related textbooks, workbooks and other classroom and/or lab materials 
  • Personal expenses: spending money for expenses while living in Arizona, including local travel, groceries, restaurants and more 

Cost of tuition

Often, the most expensive investment in your education abroad is tuition, which pays for all your classes while enrolled at ASU. Tuition prices vary by campus and program.

Tuition costs for undergraduate students (2024–25)

Undergraduate degree programLengthTuition and program fees
Undergraduate degree at Fulton Schools of Engineering on Polytechnic campus 4 years $33,890 per year
Undergraduate degree in New College on West Valley campus 4 years $31,890 per year
All other undergraduate degrees at Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, Tempe or West Valley campuses 4 years $35,430–$37,370 per year 
Undergraduate degree at ASU at Lake Havasu4 years $11,664–$13,604 per year 
ASU-USA Pathways 4 months (1 semester)$15,497–$16,930 
ASU-USA Pathways 12 months (3 semesters) $40,431–$41,864 
Earned Pathways 3 semester Pathways
+ 8- or 16-week ELP
English Language Program (on-campus)6 levels: 8 weeks each $2,950 per level 
English Language Program (online)6 levels: 8 weeks each $2,800 per level 

Tuition costs for graduate students (2024–25) 

Degree programLengthTuition and program fees
Master’s degree from W. P. Carey School of Business9 or 16 months  $53,962–$65,924 (full program)  
MBA from W. P. Carey School of Business21 months$107,923 (full program) 
Master of Global Management degree (from Thunderbird School) 21 months  $70,000 (full program)  
Master’s degree from Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering 1–2 years  $47,568–$52,662 (full program)  
Master of Laws (LLM) degree 2 semesters  $55,276 (full program)  
Master’s degrees from other graduate schools (based on 12 credits per semester)12–30 months (24–60 credits)  From $38,472 per academic year
English Language Program (on-campus)6 levels: 8 weeks each  $2,950 per level  
English Language Program (online)6 levels: 8 weeks each  $2,800 per level  

Additional costs

When you attend ASU, you’ll also need to cover other costs, such as your student housing, meal plan, university fees and books and class materials, as well as some spending money for travel and activities.   

Student housing

Prices for on-campus student housing will vary from campus to campus. Undergraduates are expected to live on campus for their first year as an ASU undergraduate student. Student housing is also available for graduate students, though it is not guaranteed. 

Housing costs per year (2024–25) 

LocationPrice range
Phoenix area campuses $5,124–$21,774 
ASU at Lake Havasu$7,226–$13,200 

Food and meal plans

There are a range of dining options and meal plans available for ASU students, and costs will vary based on the campus where you live and the meal plan you select. The maximum amounts shown in the table below are for “unlimited” meal plans. 

LocationPrice range (2024–25)
Standard on-campus Meal Plans$3,610–$6,710   
Meal Plan at Lake Havasu$2,880–$5,680

Program and service fees

Depending on which ASU campus and program you join, university fees will differ accordingly. Below are fee ranges for 2024–25.

  • Undergraduate College fee: $0–$1,940  
  • Undergraduate student services fees: $185–$745  
  • Graduate program fee: $0–$26,250  
  • Graduate student services fees: $1,015  
  • Visa administration fee (charged to all international students): $200

Also consider:

Total estimated expenses

Your overall cost for attending ASU will depend on your program. Below are estimated total expenses for undergraduate students and graduate students. 

Estimated annual undergraduate expenses (2024–25)

Cost itemPhoenix area campuses ASU at Lake Havasu  
Tuition $35,430  $11,664  
Housing and food  $16,091  $14,706  
Standard university fees  $945 $385  
Undergraduate college fee  $0–$1,940  $0–$1,940  
Health insurance  $3,188  $3,188  
Books and supplies  $1,320  $1,320  
Transportation$1,536  $1,536  
Personal  $2,200  $2,200  
Estimated total expenses  $60,710–$62,650  $34,999–$36,939  
See total funds required to request your I-20 document.

Estimated annual graduate expenses (2024–25) 

Cost ItemEstimated cost
Base tuition (24 credits) $38,526 
Housing and food  (off campus)$17,771
Standard university fees $1,225 
Health insurance $3,188
Books and supplies $1,908  
Personal $4,364  
Estimated total expenses  $70,334
See total funds required to request your I-20 document.

Important dates to know

Knowing the cost of your education is one thing, knowing when to submit applications, documents and payments is just as important. Below are some key dates to keep in mind. For a full list of application and I-20 deadlines, please see our comprehensive summary sheet

Program dates

ProgramFall start dateSpring start dateSummer start date
Bachelor’s degree  August January May*  
Master’s degree  August January** May** 
Undergraduate Pathways  August January 
English Language Program  August  and OctoberJanuary and March  May 
*There is no Summer intake at ASU Lake Havasu.
**Not all master’s degrees have a Spring start date; only some master’s degrees have a Summer start date. 

Other important dates

ProgramSemester startApplication deadlineI-20 request deadline
Undergraduate degree*Summer 2024 (May)
Fall 2024 (August)
Spring 2025 (January)
March 29
July 3
November 18
April 16
July 22
December 6
Graduate degree*Summer 2024 (May)
Fall 2024 (August)
Spring 2025 (January)
March 11
June 14
October 29
April 16
July 22
December 6
ASU-USA Pathways undergraduateFall 2024 (August)
Spring 2024 (January)
July 8
November 30
July 22
December 7
English Language Program
Summer 2024 (May)
– Campus immersion
– Online immersion

Spring A 2025 (January)
– Campus immersion
– Online immersion

Spring B 2025 (March)
– Campus immersion
– Online immersion

April 9
May 2

December 1
December 25

February 2
February 26

April 16

December 8

February 9

*Some degrees e.g. in Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Master of Laws LLM, Biochemistry MS, and some others have much earlier deadlines. For exact dates, please check the summary sheets.


ASU scholarships help a greater number of academically qualified students graduate. You are automatically considered for merit-based partial tuition scholarships during your application for admission, and there are also scholarships that master’s-level applicants can apply for separately. 

$21,000 average awarded to master’s students 

who apply for the Thunderbird School of Global Management scholarship 

Up to $10,000 merit scholarships  

awarded to master’s students at other ASU academic colleges 

Up to $14,500 renewable tuition scholarship 

available for first-year undergraduates at Tempe and Downtown Phoenix campuses

Up to $18,500 renewable tuition scholarship 

available for first-year undergraduates at West Valley and Polytechnic campuses

Up to $4,800 renewable tuition scholarship 

available for first-year students at ASU at Lake Havasu 

Up to $14,000 renewable scholarships 

available for transfer students at Polytechnic or West Valley campus

Student employment

Another great way for international students to lower their overall financial burden is through on-campus employment. Part-time on-campus jobs are also good for building up your résumé and developing important skills for career readiness. Many international students take advantage of the opportunity to work part-time while earning their degree.

Download useful information

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  • US and Canadian Universities tuition booklet
  • ASU summary sheet