Support for studying abroad Health and safety

Health and safety

When you study abroad with Kaplan, you can rest assured that you’ll be joining a welcoming community in a safe environment. 


The global pandemic brought challenges for us all.  Our university partners and our own Kaplan-run colleges quickly adapted to remote study, making use of technology to deliver digital learning so our students didn’t have to miss out on an education. We’re pleased to say that our students excelled, achieving fantastic results. 

When it was possible to travel again, we ensured that our study centres were rigorously cleaned, and local health and safety guidelines were adhered to as a minimum. 

Now, in countries where we have study centres and partner universities, coronavirus vaccine programmes are at an advanced stage, and usually free for international students. 

Wellbeing and mental health 

As international education specialists, we really understand the challenges that come with studying abroad. Dealing with issues like homesickness and adapting to a new culture can sometimes be tough, but we’ll be there to support you and help you to settle in. 

In our UK colleges, we have dedicated student support teams who can help you with any problems you may be facing, and all our partner universities have a friendly advisors and lots of support resources you can access whenever you need. 

Safety in the USA 

The USA is an incredibly popular destination for university; more international students choose to go there each year than any other country. Throughout its history, the USA has welcomed people from all over the world, so there are many communities representing different cultures. 

University campuses have strict safety policies in place, and most US universities have their own campus security agencies to help ensure a safe and secure environment. Universities also have dedicated support staff, often with teams solely focused on the specific needs of international students. You’ll also need to take out an insurance policy to help keep you safe during your time abroad. 

Safety in the UK

The UK is one of the most popular countries in Europe among international students. The country has a multicultural society, helping visitors from overseas to feel welcome and included.  

At Kaplan’s UK colleges, residences and partner universities, the safety of our students is the top priority. Dedicated support staff will be on hand to help international students tackle any difficulties they may face.  

Our support and safety measures include: 

  • College Guardians: we can help arrange a legal guardian in the UK for students who need one, such as those under 18.
  • Student Assistance Programme: this gives students access to a 24/7 helpline, free translation service, physiotherapy referrals and more. 
  • Kaplan Living Special Support: extra support package available in some of our UK accommodation, and mandatory for students under 18. 
  • Student insurance support: You’ll also need to take out an insurance policy to help keep you safe during your studies — we will be able to help you with this. 

Any other questions?

Is it safe to study abroad?

When you study abroad, you’ll be joining a community of students at an institution that must meet rigorous requirements for safety and welfare. This makes studying abroad one of the very safest ways of experiencing another country and culture. 

What happens if I get ill abroad? 

Generally, international students must have a health insurance policy in place in order to study in another country. This means that if you get ill, you will be able to make use of that country’s healthcare system, which, in countries such as the UK and the USA, are relatively advanced. Your university or study centre will also have staff and mechanisms in place to help you cope with illness and get medical attention if needed. 

What if I have an existing medical condition or disability? 

We welcome applications from all students, regardless of any conditions or disabilities you may have. Just let us know as soon as possible, so we can make arrangements to accommodate your needs.

Is my data safe with Kaplan?

Yes. In compliance with the laws and regulations in relevant jurisdictions, Kaplan will only use your data in the limited ways necessary to enable you to study with us. We take data security very seriously, with every possible care taken to protect your personal information.