International student insurance in the USA 

Your health insurance questions answered 

The US healthcare system may be quite different from the healthcare system you’re used to in your home country. In the USA, the federal government does not provide state-sponsored medical coverage to citizens and visitors. 

As an international student in the USA, this means you will need to purchase medical insurance to help cover the cost of any health-related expenses. Medical insurance plans are offered by all our US university partners. 

Why do I need insurance? 

Most US universities require their students to have insurance coverage for the duration of their degree program. As the USA does not offer universal (or “free”) healthcare coverage, your university will require you to purchase a private insurance plan.

What does my insurance cover?

Insurance covers the cost of healthcare for things like: 

  • Emergency medical events 

  • Mental health counseling 

  • Prescription medications

  • Routine hospital/doctor visits

  • Surgical and other medical procedures 

  • Vision and dental services 

Because medical care can often be expensive, your insurance policy is designed to greatly reduce the cost of any health-related expenses you may incur.  

It’s important to note that university-sponsored insurance plans will vary in coverage and cost from university to university. Some universities also give their students the option of selecting a non-school-sponsored medical insurance plan. 

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