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    Kaplan Global Conference 2021


    19, 20, 21 January 2021


    We’re excited to be bringing together agents just like you from all over the world, to learn about and discuss international higher education in 2021.

    The Kaplan Global Conference will feature more than 50 unique sessions, with time zone friendly scheduling to ensure everyone can participate. You’ll hear from our brilliant colleges and partner universities across the globe about student life, careers after study and how we keep our students safe.

    The event will be a great opportunity to not only learn, but also network with other agents and industry professionals, join in a trivia challenge and have your questions answered.

    Event details:

    Each day will be inspired by a theme to assist you in choosing the sessions most relevant to you.

    Counsel with confidence (19 Jan) Partner with confidence (20 Jan) Grow with confidence (21 Jan)
    Enjoy sessions that explore everything from accommodation to exciting subject areas, and learn all you need to know to counsel students in 2021. Make full use of your partnership with Kaplan by joining sessions that will help you with everything from recruitment to digital marketing, and network with agents from across the world. Explore the full range of study options with Kaplan, and how a diverse set of educational opportunities can help us all grow and thrive in 2021.

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