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Past webinars and conferences

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UK Compliance, Immigration and other Emerging Challenges webinar

5 June 2024

Stay compliant and up-to-date on:

  • Immigration and the impact of the UK government on immigration policy and how the US, Australia and Canada are affected by it
  • Safeguarding and supporting our students throughout their journey with Kaplan
  • Consumer protection and the importance of Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) compliance
  • Changes in the application process related to CMA compliance


TEDI London campus building by day

Agent Update: TEDI-London webinar

28 May 2024

Watch the webinar recording and learn about:

  • Fantastic new route to guaranteed admission for a master’s degree at Arizona State University
  • TEDI-London’s exciting project-based curriculum
  • Industry partnerships
  • Location in the UK’s buzzing capital city
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Kaplan International Pathways: Refresher and Compliance training

6 February 2024

We hosted a webinar to refresh your knowledge and information about Kaplan Pathways. This is your chance to learn about our priorities programs this year and update information on the compliance side.

ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business building

Update from W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University for agents in India

6 December 2023

Catch up on the W. P. Carey School of Business announcement that 3-year degrees from India are now accepted for all master’s degrees.

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Series of UVic School of Business webinars

Aug 10 – Dec 21 2023

If your students want to make a difference, develop a global mindset, and gain work experience in a vibrant learning culture, the Bachelor of Commerce program is the degree for them!

Students graduate from the Gustavson BCom Program feeling confident, assured and excited about their future. Come to this information session to find out more.

UVic students going for a walk

Agent Update: University of Victoria Admissions Webinar

6 and 7 December 2023

Watch the webinar recording and learn about:

  • Admission process
  • Documents required for a successful application
  • How BCom applicants must create and submit an Impact Statement
Student raising her arms to the sky and smiling under palm trees

ASU breaking news about scholarships and GRE waivers

3 October 2023

Watch the webinar recording and learn about:

  • Scholarships for the 24/25 academic year.
  • Updates about GRE waivers.
A student pointing at his laptop showing somethinng to another student

Pathways to Computer Science in the UK

11 May 2023

Learn about:

  • IYO in Computer Science offerings
  • IYO in Computer Science at Kaplan International College London progressing to University of Westminster
  • University of York Computer Science opportunities
  • Career Focus features of the programmes
TEDI London campus building from below

TEDI-London Webinar: “The Future of Engineering”

20 April 2023

Learn about:

  • TEDI-London’s key selling points
  • How to identify students who are a good match for TEDI-London
ASU Global Tour with Kaplan International

ASU Global Tour

November 14–18 2022

Explore the world of ASU and learn about:

  • Master’s degree programs
  • Career pathways within the Phoenix metropolitan area
  • International student life on campus

These live-hosted sessions are delivered in partnership by Kaplan International and ASU.

UCONN logo

The World at UConn Agent Conference

September 28 2022

Learn about:

  • UConn’s key selling points
  • International student life in Connecticut
  • Current international students’ experiences at UConn
Students enjoying the sunset and watching the city view from a hill

English Language Program Alumni Panel | ASU Global Launch

September 23 2022

Hear from alumni of the Global Launch English Language Program during this special online event from Arizona State University.

Student talking to student services at the welcome desk

Celebrating 10 years of UWE Bristol’s International College: 2012 to 2022

7 July 2022

Join speakers Martin Jones, former College Director, and current UWE students, Zainab Kowser and Maria Punzalan, for a Q&A as UWE Bristol’s International College celebrates a 10-year story of growth and success.

Succeed with Simmons conference logo

Succeed with Simmons University 2022

June 15 2022 

Catch up on any sessions you may have missed from the Succeed with Simmons University 2022 virtual conference on our dedicated YouTube playlist.

Kaplan Global Conference 2022

Kaplan Global Conference 2022

18–20 January 2022

Catch up on any sessions you may have missed from our second annual Kaplan Global Conference on our dedicated YouTube playlist.

Explainers and Training videos

Astronomy, Moon, Nature

What is the Co-op Program?

Learn how your students can combine academic study with paid work experience when they study in the USA or Canada.

how to get an f-1 visa

How to Get an F-1 visa

Learn the process your students need to go through to obtain the correct visa to study in the USA.

What is holistic admission?

What is Holistic Admission?

Learn about alternative ways your students’ applications are assessed, particularly in the USA.

what is the graduate visa

What is the Graduate visa?

Learn more about the UK post-study work visa that allows your students to work in the country for two years after graduating.

What is transfer admission?

What is Transfer Admission?

Learn how your students can transfer credits from prior undergraduate studies to a new university in the USA.

What is Pathways Extra?

What is Pathways Extra?

Learn more about how your students can transition to university with ease, with this resource just for Pathways graduates.

What is OPT?

What is OPT?

Learn more about the US post-study work visa that allows your students to work for up to three years post-graduation.

Degree Names and I-20 Program Names

Find out why the name of your students’ degree programs may look slightly different on their I-20