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Why our partnership with Student Minds matters

Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity. By working with students, professionals, and university communities at more than 100 universities in the UK, they develop new and innovative ways to help students improve their mental health.
For us at Kaplan, the wellbeing of international students is particularly important. In fact, it’s our top priority! We understand how difficult it can be to move abroad and be far away from family and friends, and to balance your studies with immersing yourself in a new language and culture.
It’s not always easy studying abroad, but the right support can make all the difference, especially when it comes to mental health. And that’s why we have partnered with Student Minds — read on to learn more!

What exactly does Student Minds do?

Student Minds does a lot of important work to support students across the country who need help with their mental health.
For example, their Student Space platform provides students with a place to:

  • access direct support in a way that suits them (e.g., via text, phone, webchat, email)
  • read and watch online student mental health resources, including student stories
  • explore what support is available to them locally at their study destination.

In addition, they have trained more than 3,000 students to support friends who are struggling, while looking after themselves too.
Another useful resource is the Student Minds Transitions guide, which gives advice about starting university and navigating the changes you might experience during this time. There is lots of relevant information for domestic and international students alike!

Outcomes of the partnership

We are excited by the opportunities our partnership with Students Minds brings. Part of our work with this fantastic charity has involved supporting a research project about mental health issues among international students.
As a result of this research, Student Minds has produced a report comparing the international student experience of mental health with the larger cohort of higher education students. This report is due to be published this summer and covers topics including:

  • the impact of COVID-19 on mental and physical health, and community and belonging
  • experiences of different mental health problems, risk behaviours, and self-harm
  • student concerns
  • accommodation
  • finances
  • support services
  • the overall UK university experience
  • students’ thoughts about the future

The report reveals fresh evidence about the impact of the pandemic on students’ lives, wellbeing, and mental health, and will provide evidence for future discussions with policy makers and Student Minds’ partners.
One of our Kaplan Student Ambassadors, Bonaventure from Uganda, wrote the foreword for the report.

In it, he shares his story and describes what it is like being an international student during the pandemic and his experiences surrounding mental health. We were particularly excited for Bonaventure to be part of this report as we want to give our students a voice, so that they feel heard, valued, and understood.
Another significant aspect of our close relationship with Student Minds is the impact it will have on the international student experience in the UK. For example, Student Minds provide updates on policy that affects the international student community, so that we at Kaplan can react accordingly and support our students through any changes.
Finally, Student Minds have also established an international students’ panel with representatives from various institutions and international communities. This is to ensure that the ongoing work of Student Minds has co-production with international students at its core.

Let us support you on your international student journey

If you have always dreamed of studying abroad but have felt worried about what is involved and how you will adjust, we can help make the process simple and stress-free. Whether you qualify for admission directly into a university degree, or would benefit from taking a pathway course, we can help you find a study option that suits you.
And, with our education experts’ support, you’ll find the help you need at every step of your journey: from the application process to the incredible support services at our colleges and residences, we’re here for you!

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