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What is a pathway course?

At Kaplan International Pathways, we offer international students the chance to gain access to excellent universities. One great way you can do this is by taking a pathway course.

A pathway course is taken before you enrol at university. It is designed to give your current qualifications a boost, allowing you to enrol at a better university, and to prepare you for degree studies. In other words, a pathway course can empower you to follow your own path to success!

When you pass your pathway course at the required level, with good attendance, you are guaranteed to progress to your chosen degree.

Types of pathway course

There are three main types of pathway courses:

  • bachelor’s preparation
  • accelerated bachelor’s preparation
  • master’s preparation

Although each type of pathway course is designed for students at different levels, and with different goals, the overall concept remains the same: a pathway course will prepare you for your degree studies, and help you qualify for entry to university.

How does a pathway course work?

pathway course flow diagram

You’ll take a pathway course at one of Kaplan’s colleges or our partner university study centres, both of which are usually located on the campus of the university you want to study at. This will give you a great chance to experience living and studying in your destination country before you start your degree.

On your course, you’ll benefit from expert teaching and fantastic support, delivered by experienced staff. You’ll also have access to university facilities, allowing you to experience university life even before you start your degree. Learning on your course will be focused on three key areas:

Progression to university

Once you pass your pathway course, you can then enrol at university. We have special articulation agreements with all of our partner universities; this means that if you pass your pathway course at the required level with good attendance, you’re guaranteed entry to your chosen university and degree.

If you pass your course, but don’t quite meet the criteria for your degree, don’t worry! We can help you find an alternative university and degree that’s right for you. That way, you still get a fantastic education, your way.

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