University of Connecticut tuition and dates

University of Connecticut tuition and dates

The total cost of your education is often one of the most important considerations for students and their families. Here you’ll find an overview of the types of costs you’ll need to consider before attending the University of Connecticut. 

Students must consider the following costs:

  • Tuition: the cost of your classes, and likely the most expensive element of your education
  • Student housing: the cost of your room while living in Connecticut
  • Meal plan: the cost of your unlimited access to campus dining as a UConn student
  • University and student fees: this mandatory fee covers the cost of things like access to facilities, student events, printing services, and more 
  • Health insurance: the cost of health-care coverage while enrolled as a student at UConn
  • Books and learning materials: the cost of course-related textbooks, workbooks and other materials
  • Personal fund: the cost of traveling to and from UConn, and spending money for miscellaneous expenses while living in Connecticut

Cost of tuition

Often, the most expensive investment in your education abroad is tuition, which pays for all your classes while enrolled at UConn. At UConn, base tuition is the same for all bachelor’s degree programs. 

Tuition costs for undergraduate students*

Undergraduate degree programTypical length Tuition fees
Bachelor’s degree4 years $39,678 per year 
*Rates are for 2024–25. 

Conditionally admitted students who join a program at UConn’s American English Language Institute (UCAELI) can check their cost of attendance here.

Additional costs

When you attend UConn, you’ll also need to cover other costs, such as your student housing, meal plan, university fees and books and class materials, as well as some spending money for travel and activities.

Student housing

The price for on-campus student housing varies among UConn campuses and residence halls. Undergraduates at Storrs main campus are required to live on campus for their first year as a UConn undergraduate student.

Housing costs per year*

LocationPrice range
UConn Storrs main campus$7,850–$15,662
UConn Stamford campus $11,698–$14,818
*Rates are for 2024–25.

Dining and meal plans* 

There are a range of dining and meal plans available for UConn students, and costs will vary based on the meal plan you select.

LocationPrice range
UConn meal plans $6,192–$6,840 per year 
*Rates are for 2024–25.


At UConn, university and student fees are the same for all students across all degree programs. These fees provide support for athletics, recreational services, performing arts, student activities and Student Union, student health and wellness services, and IT services.

  • University and student fees: $4,734

Also consider:

Total estimated expenses

Your overall cost for attending UConn will depend on your housing and meal plan costs. Tuition is the same for all programs. Below are estimated total expenses for undergraduate students.

Estimated annual undergraduate expenses

Housing and meal plan $15,150 
University and student fees $4,734 
Health insurance $3,190
Books and supplies $990
Personal expenses $1,910 
Estimated total cost $68,276
See total funds required to request your I-20 document.

Important dates to know

Knowing the cost of your education is one thing, knowing when to submit applications, documents and payments is another. Below are some key dates to keep in mind. 

Program start date

ProgramFall start date*
Bachelor’s degreeLate August 
*UConn only offers a Fall intake for international students. 

Other important dates

Applications due (for Special Programs) November 15 
Applications due (for priority scholarship consideration) December 1 
Applications due (for Storrs main campus) February 1 
Applications due (for UConn Stamford, if housing required) March 15 
Applications due (for regional campuses) May 1
Admission decisions released by UConn March 1 
Deposit due (in order to secure your spot at UConn) June 1 
International student move-in August 16 
Fall 2024 classes strart August 26 

Scholarships and funding

Scholarships are available to help lower the overall cost for students and their families. 

Awards of up to 38% of tuition

worth $60,000 over 4 years

All first-year applicants are considered for scholarships

From $5,000 to $15,000

Renewable for up to 4 years

of undergraduate study

Student employment

Many international students lower their overall financial burden through on-campus employment. Part-time on-campus jobs are also good for building up your résumé and developing important skills for career readiness.

Download useful information

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  • UConn scholarships flyer
  • Financial guarantee forms
  • UConn summary sheet