Simmons University tuition and dates

Simmons University tuition and dates

The overall cost of getting a degree is one of the biggest considerations for students and their families. Here you’ll find a detailed overview of the types of costs you’ll need to consider if you plan to attend Simmons University. 

Students must consider the following costs:

  • Tuition: the cost of your classes, and likely the most expensive element of your education
  • Student housing: the cost of your room while living in Boston
  • Meal plan: the cost of your access to campus dining as a Simmons student
  • Standard college fees: this mandatory fee covers the cost of things like student services, on-campus activities, health and wellness facilities, and more
  • Health insurance: the cost of health-care coverage while enrolled as a student at Simmons
  • Books and supplies: the cost of course-related textbooks, workbooks and other learning materials
  • Personal fund: the cost of local transportation and spending money for miscellaneous expenses while living in Boston

Cost of tuition

Often, the biggest investment in your US education is degree tuition, which pays for all your classes while enrolled at Simmons. At Simmons, the standard 2024–25 tuition rate for bachelor’s degree programs is $45,534.  

Tuition costs for undergraduate students

Undergraduate degree programTypical lengthTuition
Bachelor’s degree – all subjects except for Nursing 4 years $45,534 per year 
Bachelor’s degree – Nursing 4 years $49,892 per year 

Additional costs

When you attend Simmons, you’ll also need to cover other costs, such as your student housing, meal plan, college fees and books and class materials, as well as some spending money for transportation and activities.   

Student housing

The price for on-campus student housing may vary depending on the residence hall and type of room where you live. All undergraduates are expected to live on campus for their first year as a Simmons student. 

Housing and meal plan costs per year

Simmons Residence Campus and meal plan (average) $17,618 
*Rates are for 2024–25.

Dining and meal plans

At Simmons, there are a range of delicious and convenient on-campus dining options for meals snacks, coffee and more. Students living on campus receive a meal plan as part of the university’s Room and Board fee.

Mandatory college fees 

At Simmons, standard college fees are the same for all students, across all degree programs. 

  • Standard college fee: $1,340 

Also consider:

Total estimated expenses

Your overall cost for attending Simmons will depend on your program. Below are estimated total expenses for undergraduate students. 

Estimated annual undergraduate expenses (2024–25)

Cost Item  Cost of a bachelor’s degree in any major (except Nursing) Cost of a bachelor’s degree in Nursing 
Housing and meal plan $17,618$17,618 
Standard college fees $1,340 $1,340 
Health insurance $4,951$4,951 
Personal expenses$1,700$1,700
Estimated total expenses before scholarship $75,123$79,481
Tuition deduction with 50% scholarship -$22,767-$24,946 
Estimated total cost with tuition scholarship $52,356$54,535
Amount of funds to apply for I-20 in 2024-25: $52,356 (or $54,535 for Nursing)

Important dates to know

Knowing the cost of your education is one thing, knowing when to submit applications, documents and payments is another. Below are some key dates to keep in mind. 

Program dates

ProgramFall start dateSpring start date
Bachelor’s degree Early September Mid-January 

Other important dates

Enrollment milestones For Fall semesterFor Spring semester
Honor’s program application deadline February 1, 2024N/A 
General admission application deadline July 3, 2024November 29, 2024
Deposit and I-20 request deadline July 15, 2024December 9, 2024
Orientation and move-in day August 31, 2024 Mid-January  2025
First day of classes  September 3, 2024 January 21, 2025


When you apply to Simmons University, you can also apply to receive a 50% tuition scholarship. Scholarships can help to lower the total cost for students and their families. 

100% of first-year students

receive some form of financial assistance

50% renewable scholarship opportunity

when you apply through Kaplan

Estimated $90,000+ saved over 4 years

with Simmons Kaplan Women’s Leadership Scholarship

Student employment

Another great way for international students to lower their overall financial burden is through on-campus employment. Part-time on-campus jobs are also good for building up your résumé and developing important skills for career readiness. Many international students take advantage of the opportunity to work part-time while earning their degree. 

Download useful info:

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  • Simmons International Admission Guide 
  • The Simmons Kaplan Women’s Leadership Scholarship