Pace University tuition and dates

Pace University tuition and dates

The total cost of a university education is one of the most important considerations for students and their families. Here you’ll find an overview of the types of costs you’ll need to consider before attending Pace University in New York. 

Students must consider the following costs:

  • Tuition: the cost of your classes, and likely the most expensive element of your education
  • Student housing: the cost of your room while living in New York
  • Meal plan: the cost of your access to campus dining as a Pace student
  • Standard fees: this mandatory fee covers the cost of things like technology, health care service, and more 
  • Health insurance: the cost of health-care coverage while enrolled as a student at Pace
  • Books and learning materials: the cost of course-related textbooks, workbooks and other materials
  • Personal expenses: the cost of miscellaneous expenses while living in New York 

Cost of tuition

Often, the most expensive investment in your education abroad is tuition, which pays for all your classes while enrolled at Pace. Tuition prices vary at Pace by study duration and program. 

Tuition costs for undergraduate students

Undergraduate degree programTypical Length Tuition fees*
Bachelor’s degree  4 years $49,550–$54,550 per year 
Undergraduate Global Pathways – duration varies by English level 1–3 semesters 1 semester: $13,000
2 semesters: $26,000
3 semesters: $39,000
Intensive English Program 6–14 weeks 6 weeks: $2,270 
7 weeks: $2,640 
12 weeks: $4,540 
14 weeks: $5,280 
*Please note: the above costs are for the 2023-24 academic year.

Tuition costs for graduate students

Graduate degree program Typical Length Tuition fees*
Dyson college of Arts and Sciences master’s degree 1–2 years $19,800–$41,700 (depending on degree subject) per year 
Lubin School of Business master’s degree 1–3 years $26,280–$43,800 (depending on degree subject) per year 
Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems 1–2 years $26,820–$44,700 (depending on degree subject) per year 
MS Nutrition and Dietetics 2 years $39,420 per year 
MS TESOL International1.5+ years $18,990 per year 
Graduate Global Pathways – duration varies by English level 1–3 semesters 1 semester: $11,500 
2 semesters: $23,000 
3 semesters: $34,500 
Intensive English Program 4–16 weeks 6 weeks: $2,270 
7 weeks: $2,640 
12 weeks: $4,540 
14 weeks: $5,280 
*Please note: the above costs are for the 2023-24 academic year.

Additional costs

When you attend Pace, you’ll also need to cover other costs, such as your student housing, meal plan, university fees and books and class materials, as well as some spending money for local travel and activities.   

Student housing

The price for on-campus student housing varies among Pace’s New York City and Westchester campuses. Undergraduates are expected to live on campus for their first year as a Pace undergraduate student. All room types are limited in quantity, and specific room types and/or building preferences are not guaranteed. 

Housing costs per year

LocationPrice range*
Pace New York City campus $17,050–$23,000 
Pace Westchester campus $12,000–$16,800 
*Rates are for 2023-24.

Dining and meal plans

There are a range of campus dining venues and meal plans available for Pace students, and costs will vary based on the meal plan you select. Meal plans are mandatory for all full-time undergraduate students, and for graduate students if they live in Pace residences.

Type of studentPrice range*
Undergraduate first-year meal plans $4,500–$6,900 per year 
Graduate student meal plans $1,200–$1,600 per year 
*Rates are for 2023-24.

Standard fees 

At Pace, standard fees may differ by degree program and level. Pathways has a different fee, but it is the same rate for undergraduates or graduate students. 

  • Undergraduate standard fees: $1,984 
  • Undergraduate pathways standard fees: $1,718 
  • Graduate standard fees: $1,116–$1,732 
  • Graduate pathways standard fees: $1,718 

Also consider:

Total estimated expenses

Your overall cost for attending Pace will depend on your program. Below are estimated total expenses for undergraduate students and graduate students. 

Estimated annual undergraduate expenses

Cost Item  New York City campus Westchester campus 
Tuition$49,550–$54,550 $49,550–$54,550 
Housing$17,050–$23,000 $12,000–$16,800 
Meal plan $4,500–$6,900 $4,500–$6,900 
Standard fees $1,984 $1,984 
Health insurance $2,184 $2,184 
Books and supplies $800 $800 
Personal expenses $1,600 $1,600 
Estimated total expenses (amount needed for I-20) $77,668–$91,018$77,118–$84,818

Estimated annual graduate expenses

Cost ItemEstimated cost
Tuition $18,990–$44,700 
Meal plan $1,200–$1,600 
Standard fees $1,116–$1,732 
Health insurance $2,184 
Books and supplies $800 
Personal expenses $1,980 
Estimated total expenses (amount needed for I-20) $42,470–$75,996 

Important dates to know

Knowing the cost of your education is one thing, knowing when to submit applications, documents and payments is another. Below are some key dates to keep in mind. 

Program dates

ProgramFall start dateSpring start dateSummer start date
Bachelor’s degree Late August/Early September Mid-January 
Master’s degree Late August/Early September Mid-January 
Undergraduate and Graduate Global Pathways Late August/Early September Mid-January Late May 
Intensive English ProgramSeptember or OctoberJanuary or MarchMay or July

Other important dates

ProgramFall intakeSpring intake
On-campus housing deadline May 1 November 1 
Application deadline through Kaplan  July 15 November 15 
I-20 request deadline Mid-July Early December 
Tuition payment deadline August 1 December 1 


Scholarships are available to help lighten the financial burden on students and their families. At Pace, you are automatically considered for several different scholarships.

91.9% of Pace undergraduate international students  

received merit-based scholarship money in Fall 2022

$7.4 million was awarded in scholarships

to Pace graduate students in 2021-2022

Up to $31,000 renewable tuition scholarship

for undergraduate students

Up to $7,380 tuition scholarship

for graduate students

Student employment

Another great way for international students to lower their overall costs is through on-campus employment. Part-time on-campus jobs are also good for building up your résumé and developing important skills for career readiness. Many international students take advantage of the opportunity to work part-time while earning their degree. 

Download useful information

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  • Scholarship flyer 
  • Additional fees sheets 
  • Financial guarantee forms  
  • Pace Summary sheet