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Kaplan International College London

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Kaplan International College London

Prepare for your university degree with a course at our state-of-the-art flagship college in the heart of London.    

Step 1

Study a degree preparation course

at Kaplan International College London. 

Step 2

Pass your degree preparation course 

at the required level with good attendance.

Step 3

Enjoy guaranteed admission

to your chosen degree at one of Kaplan International College London’s partner universities.  

Where is Kaplan International College London?

Kaplan International College (KIC) London is located in London Bridge, a buzzing district in the heart of the city. 

  • The KIC London building is right by the River Thames and has impressive views across the water.  
  • Become a Londoner as you pass iconic sights every day on your way to class! Spot The Shard, browse street food stalls at Borough Market and take a relaxing walk along the river.  

Take a closer look at Kaplan International College London 

What is it like studying at the College?

Kaplan International College London is full of students from around the world. It’s a welcoming place where you can meet new people and prepare for university.  

Andy Quin the College Director at Kaplan International College London

“Kaplan International College London is an amazing college”

Andy Quin, College Director 

Why choose Kaplan International College London?

101 nationalities

represented by new students at KIC London in 2022–23

Fantastic teaching

from experienced staff

Full support 

for all academic and wellbeing needs 

What can I study at the College?

Your degree preparation course prepares you for a related undergraduate or postgraduate degree at university. Progression degrees at KIC London’s partner universities are available in the following subject areas

Art & design icon

Art and Design 

Building & architecture icon

Building and Architecture 

Business and finance icon

Business and Finance

Computing icon


Education icon


Engineering icon


Environment and agriculture icon

Environment and Agriculture  

Hospitality & tourism icon

Hospitality and Tourism 

Law icon


Marketing and media icon

Marketing and Media 

Math icon


Music icon

Music and Performing Arts 

Science & health icon

Science and Health  

Social sciences icon

Social Science and Humanities 

Face, Head, Person

Life at Kaplan International College London

Face, Head, Person

Caroline progressed to university after KIC London 

Smile, Head, Face

Meet Azalfa

What our students think 

We care about your experience at the College! Learn more about student support.

Student satisfaction


agreed that College staff cared about helping them succeed in their studies.* 


agreed that they were happy with their overall experience at the College.* 

*We surveyed our students in 2023.

How many students get an offer to study at university? 


of students who successfully passed their preparation course at the required level received an unconditional offer for their chosen university in 2023.

Students who pass their preparation course but don’t meet the progression requirements for their chosen university are guaranteed a place at a UK university through our University Placement Service.

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