Student support at Glasgow International College

Student support at Glasgow International College

The Student Services team at Glasgow International College are dedicated to ensuring all students feel like they have someone to talk to and are supported through every aspect of studying abroad.

Our support at every step of your journey

  1. Application

    We’ll help you find the perfect study option, and walk you through the application process and next steps

  2. Pre-arrival guidance

    We’ll make sure you have all the information you need about what to do and what to expect

  3. Coming to the UK

    We can arrange for you to be picked up at the airport, and taken to your accommodation  

  4. Studying at the College  

    A dedicated team at the College will be there to support you throughout your degree preparation course  

  5. Progress to your degree

    When the time comes to progress to your degree, we’ll help you make the transition

Support at the International College

The International College’s Student Services team is there to help you through any challenges you might face during your degree preparation course. Whether you’re struggling with managing assignments or adjusting to life in a different country, you’ll always have a friendly member of the team to talk to and get advice from.

Anxhela’s mental wellness tips 

Social activities

Regular activities will provide you with great opportunities to meet your fellow students, and make friends for life. Sports tournaments, treasure hunts, creative writing and arts and crafts workshops are just some of the ways you can enjoy College life. We also organise trips to Edinburgh and the surrounding countryside. 

Extra support

Support for under-18s

If you’re coming to study with us and you’re not If you’re coming to study with us and you’re not yet 18, we’ll help you arrange a legal guardian. They will act as a 24/7 emergency contact, and will keep in touch with you throughout your studies.

Additional support

We want to make sure that students with disabilities, medical conditions or potential complications receive any additional support they may need during their time with us. Let us know as soon as possible if you think this applies to you, and we can make sure your needs are met during your studies. 

Meet the team

Gray, Cutlery

Dr Douglas Aiton 

College Director  

Gray, Cutlery

Carol Mitchell

Head of College Services 

Due to start a degree preparation course with us?

Any other questions

Will there be a Welcome Week when I arrive? 

The first week of term will be Welcome Week, giving you (and your parents or guardians if they are with you) an opportunity to meet your teachers and classmates. You can take a tour of the University of Glasgow campus and facilities, and join social activities to help you meet new friends. We will also help with practicalities, such as registering with a doctor and finding the local supermarket.

Is there extra support before I progress to my degree?  

Once you’ve completed your degree preparation course, we’ll still be here to support you as you make the transition to degree studies. This includes the option to take Pathways Extra, an online resource for students who have finished their degree preparation course, to help them prepare for starting their degree and develop additional employability skills. Find out more about Pathways Extra.  

What if I don’t meet degree requirements on my course?  

Our degree preparation courses are specially designed for international students, and helping them get ready for university in the UK, so our degree progression rates are very high. However, if you aren’t able to start your chosen degree after successfully passing your course, you can make use of our University Placement Service, which guarantees you a place at a UK university.  

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