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David posing with the University of Glasgow signDavid posing with the University of Glasgow sign

How Kaplan Pathways helped me become a Management Consultant

David from Nigeria studied a Foundation Certificate in Business and Social Sciences at Glasgow International College, ahead of progressing to a bachelor’s degree in Business and Management at the University of Glasgow. He now works as a Management Consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), an international financial firm.  

Here, David explains how Kaplan helped him on his journey to a successful business career.  

Choosing to study in Scotland 

I had been on track to go to a university in Canada. However, I had spent a lot of time in Scotland growing up and had a love for the country. So when a representative reached out from the University of Glasgow, I took to the chance to study at Glasgow.  

I was very interested in the University and living in Scotland. Unfortunately, at 17, I was too young, so they recommended Glasgow International College and the Business and Social Sciences degree preparation course.  

It was a great fit, because in high school I always had an interest in Sociology and Business, and wanted to build a global business career and develop my entrepreneurial skills. So, studying these subjects and earning a degree at Glasgow in this area really suited my career goals. 

Studying a degree preparation course with Kaplan 

I made so many lifelong friends at the International College — people I still speak to every day. Although we’re all in different corners of the world, we always find ways to meet up. We all got along and built strong friendships and connections. It was important for all of us to adapt to student life in a different region, and we did this together.  

It was also a place where we could pursue our passions. For me, that was music, and being able to explore and grow in that area. During my time with Kaplan and the University, I was able to host a radio show in Glasgow, produce music, and DJ. Academically, the environment really pushed us to work and learn together, and come up with diverse and creative solutions. 

I believe Kaplan really built a good foundation for my career. It put me in the right mindset, equipping me with the knowhow to grow academically, and a community of friends that have motivated and pushed me through it all. 

University of Glasgow graduate David Njoku DJ
My career after graduating  

I am currently a Consulting Senior Associate at PwC. After finishing my degree preparation course with Kaplan, I progressed to a bachelor’s degree in Business and Management at the University of Glasgow. I then studied a master’s in International Business at Hult International Business School. 

Since graduating, I’ve explored a range of industries, such as media, logistics, technology, and consulting, working as a Business Analyst, Sales Specialist, Manager, and now as a Management Consultant. 

Advice to international students  

As an international student, make sure you slow down and smell the roses. My time in Glasgow really taught me that. So, enjoy the culture; take every trip you can and explore every town you can. Of course, remember to focus on your studies, but also make sure you enjoy the time you have there. 

My biggest advice would be to always learn, always. Being able to build a career in business is hard, but having a growth mindset where you see everything as a learning opportunity is vital.  

You should apply your skillset to different industries and roles. Develop a good understanding of the global economy, key markets and industries where you see yourself growing. If you have passion for the work you do, and keep trying to learn, you will always grow.

Apply to study abroad in Scotland  

If you’d like to follow David’s path and study abroad at the University of Glasgow, Kaplan can help.  

You can study a Foundation Certificate at Glasgow International College, receiving the academic support you need to achieve the required grades to start your bachelor’s degree. You’ll study on the University’s campus and get a taste of student life before even beginning your course!

To learn more, get in touch with us, and one of our friendly Education Advisors will be happy to discuss your options with you and answer any questions you may have.  

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