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My advice for future students, by Kaplan graduates

Summer is when students around the world receive important exam results, including those on our Kaplan degree preparation courses! This means that lots of international students will be looking forward to progressing to university this September, but what should you do to prepare for your student journey?

We spoke to some successful alumni of our flagship study centre, Kaplan International College London (KIC London), to get their advice for this year’s graduates on how to prepare for university, and how to make the make the most of your first weeks there.

Here’s what Clevy from Mozambique, Cyrielle from Cameroon, Dmytro from Ukraine, Shushanik from Armenia and Walid from Algeria had to say.

What advice do you have for students receiving their results today? 

Dmytro: “Keep going! You’ve done great, so continue doing a great job.”

Shushanik: “Don’t just concentrate on the numbers. A lot of things can change throughout university. “

How should students prepare for university? 

Clevy: “Research the university and the course. You might think a course will be a certain way, but when you go to university, it could be a shock.”

Cyrielle: “Look for ‘day in the life’ videos on TikTok and YouTube — you’re going to find the social experience at the university. Also, make sure you go back to your notes from the College. Do your research, talk to people and College staff members because they are always here for you. If you need anything, or have any questions, they are always here to guide you.”

Dmytro: “Check your emails, keep in touch with your university, and just stay focused on your goal to get to university and you will be there in September.”

Walid: “Just enjoy summer and sleep!”

What’s your advice for students during the first week of university?

Clevy: “Engage with people as much as possible because this is the only way you’re going to make new friends, break the ice and socialise with everyone.” 

Shushanik: “As an international student, be prepared for everything. Just know that you have a place to stay, be careful with your belongings and make sure you have prepared all your documents for university. If something is missing, that will delay the process of you registering at university and can lead to a huge problem.” 

Walid: “Go to society booths, socialise, and talk to everyone even if you’re not going to see them immediately after. You’re going to encounter them later at university either at the café or in class or anywhere and it’s going to make the discussion much easier. Talk to as many people as you can!”

What’s the most important thing for students to remember? 

Cyrielle: “Never forget that there’s always someone with you. If you need anything, you can go to a friend, family member or staff member, so make sure you seek help. Don’t stay quiet if you don’t know something, or, if you’re unsure about something, go to people to get new perspectives and new insights.”

Dmytro: “There are always people who will be there to help you. Just don’t be afraid to ask them for help; they will always be there for you. Stay positive — life can be difficult, but it goes in turns.”

Advice from a Kaplan staff member

We also asked Lysari Ofori, a Learning Advisor at KIC London, what advice she would give to international students about to embark on their university journey.

Lysari: “Enjoy the moment, revel in all the glory that exists in this room today and realise how much effort and how much strength it’s taken you to get to this point and be proud of yourself.”

Start your study abroad journey with Kaplan

If you would like to follow in the footsteps of these students, then Kaplan can help. We offer dedicated support to help you find a degree preparation course that suits you at KIC London. We’re also here to make the pre-arrival process as easy as possible for you, including offering guidance with visas and other documents.

To learn more, or ask any questions, please contact one of our Education Advisors and they will be happy to assist you.

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