Study a Foundation Certificate 

If you want to study a bachelor’s degree at a UK university, but don’t currently meet the entry requirements, then a Foundation Certificate could be the right study option for you. 

What is a Foundation Certificate? 

If you don’t meet the entry requirements to go to a UK university directly, degree preparation courses like a Foundation Certificate can help you reach the level needed to start a bachelor’s degree. You’re guaranteed a place at university when you pass your course at the required level with good attendance.

4 steps to university

  1. Complete high school 

  2. Take a Foundation Certificate to prepare for your degree

  3. Pass your Foundation Certificate with the required grades and good attendance 

  4. Progress to your chosen undergraduate degree at university

What progression degree subject areas are available? 

Art & design icon

Art and Design  

Building & architecture icon

Building and Architecture  

Business and finance icon

Business and Finance   

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Education icon


Engineering icon


Environment and agriculture icon

Environment and Agriculture  

Hospitality & tourism icon

Hospitality and Tourism  

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Marketing and media icon

Marketing and Media  

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Music icon

Music and Performing Arts  

Science & health icon

Science and Health  

Social sciences icon

Social Science and Humanities  

Want to see what degrees you can progress to?

What to expect during your Foundation Certificate 

During your Foundation Certificate course, you will have the chance to: 

  • Improve your English  

  • Develop your academic skills  

  • Deepen your subject knowledge  

  • Benefit from expert teaching by friendly tutors  

  • Enjoy dedicated wellbeing support  

  • Meet other students from around the world in an international environment  

Gray, Cutlery

“Studying a Foundation Certificate improved my academic skills and helped me manage my time better. I have gained so much cultural knowledge and am becoming an independent adult.”

Sophia from Brazil, University of Brighton student 

Take a Foundation Certificate with Internship 

If you’d like to gain valuable work experience during your studies, you can often choose to add an integrated online internship to your course, which is taken in the UK. Simply select the internship option of your preferred course when you apply.

Any other questions?

What are the entry requirements for a Foundation Certificate in the UK?

Entry requirements vary. However, typical requirements are:

  • Academic: at least 11 years of education   
  • English language: UKVI IELTS 4.0 to 5.5 or accepted equivalent

Please note: the duration of your Foundation Certificate will vary between 4 and 18 months. The course length depends on your needs and English level.

How much does it cost to study a Foundation Certificate?

Tuition fees for a Foundation Certificate start from £14,770 (2023–24 academic year), depending on the subject you choose, course duration and where you study.

What if I don’t meet the requirements to progress to my degree?

If you don’t meet the progression requirements for your first-choice degree, we’ll offer counselling on back-up study options through the University Placement Service

Can I study a foundation programme in the USA?

There are foundation courses, similar to the Foundation Certificate, at our partner universities in the USA too. These courses will help you meet academic and English entry requirements for a degree. They include Global Pathways at Pace University and ASU-USA Pathways at Arizona State University.

Can I study a foundation programme in Australia or New Zealand?

You can also take undergraduate preparation courses similar to a Foundation Certificate at our partner universities in Australia and New Zealand. With Kaplan, you can study at Murdoch University the University of Adelaide or the University of Newcastle in Australia, or Massey University in New Zealand.