ASU-USA Pathways

ASU-USA Pathways

Built with international students in mind, this degree preparation program lets you start earning undergraduate credits while raising your English language skills and overall academic performance to meet ASU admission requirements. 

Who is ASU-USA Pathways for? 

Hosted by Global Launch at Arizona State University, ASU-USA Pathways is a degree preparation program. It’s ideal for prospective undergraduate students who need to raise their academic grades and English-language skills to meet admission requirements.  

What will I study? 

Once enrolled in the ASU-USA Pathways program, you will take English language and academic courses while receiving extra support to prepare you for degree-level study in the USA. By successfully completing the program, you will earn transferable credits and are guaranteed admission into selected ASU bachelor’s programs. 

Why choose ASU-USA Pathways? 

93% of ASU-USA Pathways students progressed 

to an ASU degree since the program was established

Earn your degree on time

by beginning undergraduate coursework on day one 

Guaranteed admission to an ASU degree  

when you successfully complete ASU-USA Pathways 

Ease into US university life 

by immersing yourself in American culture

Learn at your own pace 

by choosing a program duration that suits you

Earn up to 26 transferrable university credits 

toward your undergraduate degree

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Excited to see what ASU-USA Pathways is all about?

Meet Ana from Colombia, a ASU-USA Pathways graduate

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Introduction to ASU Global Launch

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Meet ASU’s international student community

How to join ASU-USA Pathways

There are three different ways for you to become a part of the ASU-USA Pathways community. See which option is the best fit for you below. 


4 months

ASU-USA Pathways 1 semester

This 1-semester Pathways program is for students with a GPA of 2.75, who want to join a Business, Global Management or Arts and Sciences track.


12 months

ASU-USA Pathways 3 semesters

This 3-semester Pathways program is for students with a GPA of 2.50, who want to join a Business, Global Management or Arts and Sciences track. 


14 or 16 months

ASU-USA Earned Pathways

This 3-semester Pathways program is for students with any high school GPA, who want to join a Global Management or Arts and Sciences track only. The program includes 8 or 16 extra weeks of English language preparation. 

Which degrees are available with ASU-USA Pathways?

Selected degree programs on the West Valley campus offer guaranteed progression to students who successfully complete the Pathways program. However, all majors at ASU are available if students meet program-specific entry requirements for transfer admission when they exit ASU-USA Pathways. 

What you should know about costs and qualifications 

How much does it cost to join ASU-USA Pathways? Do applicants need to meet certain requirements? Download our helpful guides and start the process toward earning your US degree today. 

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