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Student Debora at NTU

Debora’s story

16th Jun 2022

Debora from Zambia is an Ashinaga scholar at the University of York. Read more.

Oluwakayode Makinde

Kayode’s story

1st Mar 2022

Kayode studied in Glasgow and is following his dream of working in engineering.

laboratory gloves

Study Science at the University of Nottingham

9th Feb 2022

6 mins

Science, particularly technology, has played an increasingly noticeable role in our lives in recent years, shaping how we live, communicate, and tackle world issues such […]

Ludy's on graduation

Ludy’s story

1st Nov 2021

Ludy from Angola dreamt of being an engineer and helping her country.

My path, my way: Anel's story

Anel’s story

1st Nov 2021

Anel from Kazakhstan shares her experience of studying with Kaplan.

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