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Employability at Simmons University

Simmons University sees the value in gaining real-world experience during your degree, on top of your academic studies. Students can achieve this through internships, on-campus job opportunities and guidance on networking, interviewing and leadership within the workplace.

92% of Simmons graduates

are employed or in further studies within 6 months of graduation (2022)

Long history of employer partnerships

including 850+ clinics and hospitals

81% of women’s college graduates feel they were well-prepared for their first job

compared to 65% of women graduates from public universities

100% of students participate in real-world learning experiences

such as internships, clinicals, fieldwork, research projects

93% of Simmons graduates

are employed in a field related to their major or program

How Simmons prepares you for a successful career

The University’s Career Education Center (CEC) is available to students and alumni, with the purpose of enhancing their employability and helping them make informed decisions about their career path.

Simmons uses the online job board Handshake for internships, full-time jobs, and other off-campus work opportunities, which students and alumni are encouraged to use. Through this portal, you will have access to hundreds of openings, while also expanding your professional network by connecting with employers that you may want to work with.

A key part of Simmons’ core undergraduate curriculum is its Purpose Leadership Action (PLAN). This is designed to prepare students for the workplace by teaching them how to communicate, think critically and become an inclusive leader through immersive experiences. By incorporating this experiential learning into your studies, you will learn practical skills and workplace etiquette, which are great things to develop while you’re still attending university.

Scarlett from China, a Simmons University student

Scarlett from China, students at Simmons University

Scarlett from China, studying a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Economics at Simmons University

There are lots of opportunities for leadership experience at a smaller university. It’s also a very tight community. I got two of my internships through Simmons alumni, so I’ve seen first-hand how women really want to help other women.

Being a private women-centered university, Simmons puts an emphasis on the importance of producing confident female leaders. You’ll have opportunities to lead discussions and group projects, as well as explore internship options in all fields, including those that are typically male dominated. Simmons also invites women who are prominent figures in the professional world to speak at its famous annual Simmons Leadership Conference.

Life after graduation

As a graduate of a women-centered university, especially one that prioritizes leadership skills and self-improvement, you can expect to enter the job market with the confidence to take on high-powered roles. It’s been found that 33% of women on Fortune 1000 boards are graduates of women’s colleges or universities, as well as 20% of women in US Congress.

Simmons promises to support its alumni as they embark on the next stage of their professional lives. This is why they make sure graduates still have full access to the University’s exclusive job boards after graduation.

Simmons alumni can find incredible job opportunities right in Boston, as many top companies have offices in Boston such as FedEx, Accenture and Dell. International students can make the most of Boston’s thriving business scene and work there, or in another part of the USA, for up to 3 years thanks to the Optional Practical Training (OPT) initiative.

Where do Simmons graduates work?

Simmons has an excellent reputation for partnering with employers. Simmons students have gone on to work for many well-known businesses and organizations including Amazon, TripAdvisor and Dell:

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