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Programs at Arizona State University

Kaplan can help you apply directly to an ASU degree, or transfer to complete a bachelor’s if you have already started a degree elsewhere. If you don’t meet all the entry requirements, you can join a preparation program leading into a bachelor’s or master’s degree at Arizona State University.

Search for degrees at Arizona State University

Study levelRoute to ASUWhat will you do?
UndergraduateDegree admissionEnter a bachelor's degree directly with no conditions, if you meet all admission requirements
Transfer admissionComplete a bachelor's degree you started at another university
ASU-USA PathwaysRaise your academic grades and English level to meet the requirements of bachelor's admission
English Language ProgramRaise your English level to meet the conditions of your bachelor's admission
GraduateDegree admissionEnter a master's degree with no preparation, if you meet all admission requirements
English Language ProgramImprove your English skills for full admission to a master's degree
High schoolASU Prep Digital onlineTake an online US high school diploma or even earn college credit courses

Enter a bachelor’s or master’s degree directly

If you meet all academic and English requirements, we can help you apply to an ASU undergraduate or graduate degree. Our education advisors are experts in the University’s admission process and will provide valuable support during your application. Choose from 350+ bachelor’s degrees and 200+ master’s degrees in the following academic disciplines:

Art and DesignEngineeringMathematics
Building and ArchitectureEnvironment and AgricultureMusic and Performing Arts
Business and FinanceHospitality and TourismSTEM
ComputingLawScience and Health
EducationMarketing and MediaSocial Science and Humanities

See general and program-specific entry requirements.

Transfer to complete a bachelor’s degree

You can transfer into Year 2 or 3 of an Arizona State University bachelor’s degree if you have already studied at another university or college. Your existing undergraduate credit is evaluated for acceptance by ASU, and you will find out how many credits you can transfer with your offer of a place. When you complete a bachelor’s degree and graduate, your degree is awarded by ASU. Transfer admission is possible to most majors.

Note: Not all credits may transfer. The minimum number of credits you need for transfer admission is 24 and the maximum is 64.
See transfer entry requirements by degree.


ASU-USA Pathways

This program lets you start undergraduate studies at ASU while you raise your English proficiency and academic grades. You’ll take a combination of English language and academic courses, and receive extra support to prepare you for degree-level study in the USA. By successfully completing ASU-USA Pathways, you will earn transferable credits and are guaranteed admission to selected ASU majors:

Pathway typeDuration and creditsProgress to these degrees:
1 semester: 10 credits
(transfer into semester 2 of Year 1)
Accountancy, BS
Business: Communication, BA
Business: Global Logistics Management, BA
Business: Language and Culture, BA
Business: Sustainability, BA
3 semesters: 26 credits
(transfer into Year 2)
Same as above
Global Management
1 semester: 9 credits
(transfer into semester 2 of Year 1)
Global Management, BGM
International Trade, BS
Global Management
3 semesters or extended up to 4 semesters:
25 credits (transfer into Year 2)
Same as above
Arts and
1 semester: 9 credits
(transfer into semester 2 of Year 1)
Applied Computing, BS
Applied Mathematics, BS
Biology, BA/BS
Communication, BA/BS
Environmental Science, BS
Forensic Science, BS
History, BA
Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance, BA
Interdisciplinary Arts and Science, BA
Latin American Studies, BA
Philosophy, Religion and Society, BA
Political Science, BA/BS
Psychology, BA/BS
Social and Behavioral Sciences, BA/BS
Social and Cultural Analysis, BA
Sociology, BS
Spanish, BA
Statistics, BS
Arts and
3 semesters or extended up to 4 semesters:
25 credits (transfer into Year 2)
Same as above
Successfully complete a pathway and you are guaranteed progression to these bachelor’s degrees taught on ASU’s West or Downtown Phoenix campus. However, students can transition into any ASU undergraduate program if they achieve the major-specific requirements.
See pathway entry and exit requirements.

ASU Prep Digital Online

ASU Prep Digital is an accredited online US high school, where you can study anywhere in the world and in your own time zone. You can enroll in a full-time US diploma program or take individual high school or university courses. All you need is an internet connection.

 English Language Program (ELP)

With ELP, you can raise your English level on campus at ASU.

For students with conditional admission

There are 6 Intensive English Program levels, from basic to advanced, each lasting 8 weeks. When you pass the required level, you can progress to a bachelor’s degree– Year 1 or transfer admission, the ASU-USA Pathways program or Master of Laws LLM without needing to submit a TOEFL score.

For graduate students admitted with deficiencies

With ELP, you can study on campus at ASU for 8 weeks while you strengthen your English skills to meet the requirements for most ASU master’s degrees. When you pass the required level, you can progress to your ASU master’s degree.

See English language entry requirements by program.

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