ASU transfer admission

ASU transfer admission 

Have you already earned credits from a college or university in the USA or elsewhere but wish to complete your studies at ASU? If so, applying for transfer admission may be your best option. 

What is transfer admission? 

Transfer admission is an application option for qualified undergraduate students who have earned some college or university credits at another school and wish to finish their studies at ASU. 

If you fit this description, you may be able to apply for “transfer admission” into Year 2 or 3 of a bachelor’s degree program at ASU. When you apply, ASU will evaluate which of your existing undergraduate credits can be counted toward an ASU degree. Upon graduation, your degree will be awarded by ASU. 

Why apply for transfer admission to ASU? 


undergraduate majors

Up to 64 credits 

can be transferred to ASU


research opportunities 


student-to-faculty ratio

A leader in undergraduate education 

The Princeton Review, 2022

Top 20 for best undergraduate teaching 

U.S. News & World Report 2023 

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Transfer admission explained

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Transferring to ASU: how does MyPath2ASU work?  

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Transfer admission at ASU


Undergraduate transfer admission 

For students who have started their undergraduate studies at another university or college and want to complete their bachelor’s degree studies at ASU. 

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