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Career Focus: Our five promises to you

Building your employability is an important part of studying abroad — however, you don’t have to wait until your degree to start preparing for your career!

All our degree preparation courses include opportunities to gain career skills and work experience. In fact, we’re so committed to seeing you succeed, that when you study with us, we make five promises to you.

Here’s what we’ll help you to do.

  1. Find your goals
  2. Build your profile
  3. Show your skills
  4. Boost your experience
  5. Reach your potential

With our support, you’ll be ready to make the most of opportunities at university and become a job-ready graduate.

1. Find your goals

You might not know yet what jobs you’re interested in, and that’s ok! Before you start your course, you’ll gain access to online resources that help you to start planning your future, like quizzes and activities that allow you to explore your interests and personality type, and find out what careers might suit you.

We’ll also hold regular live careers events, where a panel of students interviews a real business professional, so you can learn about their path to success and get inspired!

If you’re already plotting your path to your dream job, that’s great too: you’ll define your strengths and weaknesses, and set personalised goals. This will help you to stay motivated and focused, which should reduce any anxiety you have about the future.

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2. Build your profile

Building a strong professional profile both online and offline is essential in a competitive jobs market — it can really help you to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we’ll help you to join professional organisations related to your subject or career focus.

This is a brilliant way to meet people from within your industry and build professional contacts, keep up to date with news in your field, and find out about job opportunities. On your course, you’ll learn networking skills so you feel confident taking advantage of these opportunities.

You’ll need an online presence too, including an effective digital profile on a site like LinkedIn. Your tutors will show you how to set one up, as well as what sorts of information you should include, and how to stay safe while communicating online.

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3. Show your skills

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to showcase all your new skills! That is where your KapPACK e-Portfolio comes in. This professional digital portfolio is where you’ll record all of your skills and achievements. It makes a great addition to your CV or resumé as it highlights relevant employability or ‘soft’ skills rather than just your work experience.

You’ll maintain it all through your course, updating it with digital skills badges that you can earn by completing online activities — you can use these to show employers exactly what you can do. You’ll even learn how to make a successful business pitch, a vital ability for budding entrepreneurs, and learn how to use your portfolio to market yourself.

Finally, you’ll still be able to access and add to your portfolio after you complete your preparation course, so you can update it with all of your achievements at university and beyond!

4. Boost your experience

It’s never too early to start getting real-world experience — it’s the best way to put your skills into practice, gain a practical understanding of workplace dynamics, and try out different roles to see what suits you best. And, of course, it will look great on your CV.

When you study with Kaplan you can get experience early by choosing a pathway course with internship. This is just like a regular degree preparation course, but with the addition of an integrated online internship at one of 3,500 companies in more than 70 countries worldwide.

You’ll be supported by an Internship Experience Manager and Internship Coach, and have exclusive access to a professional development resource, CareerBridge.

If you want to arrange your own experience, you can do that too. In many cases you’ll be able to work part time during your preparation course, and full time in breaks. You could either take a paying job or give back to the community by volunteering — both will help you build valuable skills.

You’ll also gain real-world experience without even leaving your college, thanks to authentic assessments. This is when, instead of submitting an essay or an exam, you’ll take on a project similar to what you can expect on your degree or in the workplace. These projects ensure that you’re ready for degree-level study, and to join the workforce.

5. Reach your potential

Our support doesn’t end when your course does. Once you finish your preparation course, you’ll be able to use Pathways Extra, a resource for Kaplan graduates. It helps you prepare to reach your potential by refining your skills, and continue setting goals and building your network.

You will learn what to expect at university and start to engage with your university’s careers service. You can also give yourself a competitive edge by taking professional courses like the Entrepreneurship Professional or New Technologies for Business, and gaining qualifications employers value.

Career skills at university

Success is a journey, not a destination, and Kaplan is just one stop along the way. You’ll continue your career development at your progression university, with the careers services team dedicated to your future success. Then, when you graduate, you’ll join a network of alumni all over the world!

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Kick-start your career with Kaplan

These are the five promises we make to each and every one of your students, to make sure you’re fully prepared for a successful future. If you’re ready to build your employability and begin on your path to becoming a successful graduate, just get in touch with us and we’ll help you to get started.

Alternatively, explore the links below to learn more about the career preparation you can expect at each of our college locations.

With our support, you’ll be prepared not just for your first job, but for a successful and fulfilling career.

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