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Career Focus: Lucy’s story

My name is Lucy, and I’m from China.

I’ve recently been offered the opportunity to start a work placement at Deloitte!

Before I came to the UK, I wanted to land a career in marketing. But, after studying at Cranfield University, and studying with Kaplan, I felt like I wanted to establish a career in the ‘Big Four’.

The ‘Big Four’ are the four biggest accountancy firms around the world. These are PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and EY. This is why I looked for career opportunities in this area, accounting.

Because I’d had so many rejections from previous job applications, I got so disappointed and felt like it was never going to happen for me.

When I got the placement at Deloitte, I actually received the phone call while I was driving on the motorway. When I got the call I was really excited, I think I actually screamed in the car, and asked if this was a scam call!

The reason I chose Cranfield University was because I researched about their degrees. I felt that, for Management, they are focusing more on the practical rather than the theoretical side of things.

For me, I felt that learning more about the practical aspects would help me be more prepared for my future career.

Living in London felt very different to when I was studying my master’s degree at Cranfield, because London is a very big city.

There’s so much to do there every single day. You could go to the theatre, you could go shopping in one of the biggest malls. There’s just so much to do and it is filled with so many opportunities; it’s exciting every single day!

Studying at Kaplan International College London, all the staff members were very supportive. It helped make me feel less nervous, being in a brand new environment.
Now, I’m just so grateful that I’ve got this opportunity.

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