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University of York International Pathway College courses

Students can choose from multiple courses at the University of York International Pathway College, at either undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Undergraduate: Foundation Certificate

If you’ve finished high school but don’t meet the entry requirements for university, a Foundation Certificate can help you gain entry to an undergraduate degree.

Foundation Certificate courses offer progression to the 1st year of an undergraduate degree at the University of York.

Choose a subject to see more details:

Business and FinanceCourse details2022-23 modules
Computer Science and EngineeringCourse details2022-23 modules
Humanities, Creative Arts and MediaCourse details2022-23 modules
Interactive MediaCourse details2022-23 modules
Law and Social SciencesCourse details2022-23 modules
Life Science, Biomedicine and EnvironmentCourse details2022-23 modules
Mathematics, Economics and Actuarial ScienceCourse details2022-23 modules

Postgraduate: Pre-Master’s

If you hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, but don’t meet the entry requirements for a master’s, a Pre-Master’s can help you gain a place on a postgraduate degree.

For progression to a postgraduate degree at the University of York. Choose a subject to see more information:

Business with LawCourse details2022-23 modules
Education, Media and Social SciencesCourse details2022-23 modules
Management and Quantitative SkillsCourse details2022-23 modules
Science, Technology, Engineering and MathematicsCourse details2022-23 modules

Take an online internship

If you like, your pathway course can be expanded to include an online internship, giving you valuable work experience before you start your degree. This integrated placement will form an additional, final term on your course, and will help you develop important soft skills and enhance your employability.

The integrated online placement is run through Virtual Internships, and is available on all pathway courses at the College. Find out more on our blog.

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Students who pass their pathway course but don’t meet the progression requirements for their chosen University of York degree are guaranteed a place at a UK university through our University Placement Service.

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