ASU at Lake Havasu

Arizona State University students paddle board down to Lake Havasu

ASU at Lake Havasu

ASU at Lake Havasu, located in western Arizona on the California border, is dedicated to undergraduate education, immersive learning and community engagement.

With its breathtaking mountain views and tranquil blue lake, ASU at Lake Havasu may make you feel like you’re on vacation. As a student in this vibrant college town, you can enjoy easy access to kayaking, paddleboarding, jet skiing, hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing.

Life at ASU at Lake Havasu


Lakeside living

Collaborative and immersive learning

Small, close-knit community

93 international students

Student housing, dining and fitness center

189 full-time students

Why study at ASU’s Lake Havasu location?

The university is fewer than two miles from the lakeshore

With easy access to the charming city

Lake Havasu experiences 290 days of sunshine per year

Students can take advantage of the beautiful weather and engage in many outdoor activities

Lake Havasu is home to the historic London Bridge

Relocated from England to Lake Havasu City in 1968

ASU at Lake Havasu is known for its student-focused approach

Faculty provide students with 1-on-1 support needed to succeed academically and personally

11:1 student:faculty ratio

and only 15 students per class, on average


lower tuition cost compared to ASU’s Phoenix-area campuses

Academic colleges and degrees

CollegesUndergraduate degree programs
College of Health SolutionsUndergraduate degrees
College of Integrative Sciences and ArtsUndergraduate degrees
Edson College of Nursing and Health InnovationUndergraduate degrees
New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and SciencesUndergraduate degrees
W. P. Carey School of BusinessUndergraduate degrees
Watts College of Public Service and Community SolutionsUndergraduate degrees

A closer look at ASU at Lake Havasu

What is it like?

Located in a picturesque setting right on the California border with easier access to major cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, ASU at Lake Havasu is great for year-round outdoor activities and ideal for studying, personal growth and exploration.

Check out life at ASU at Lake Havasu!

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