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6 ASU degrees that can help you impact the world

Arizona State University believes as much in quality education as it does in fighting for causes that strive to make the world a better place. A number of ASU degrees were designed with this goal in mind. By earning such a degree, ASU students stand to make an impact, whether their contributions take place locally or exist on a global scale.

Indeed, one of ASU’s goals is to “co-develop solutions to the critical social, technical, cultural and environmental issues facing 21st-century Arizona, ensuring sustainability and resilience.”
Are you a student who is eager to help shape the future? If so, here are 6 degrees at ASU that can help you make a lasting impact on the world.

1. Sustainability, BA/BS or MA/MS

The climate crisis is one of the world’s most pressing issues. Therefore, initiatives in sustainability are some of humanity’s best ways to preserve environmental integrity and ensure the well-being of future generations.

Ranked #1 in the USA for innovation, ASU recently opened the world’s first College of Global Futures. As its name implies, this school is dedicated to helping students build a brighter, greener and more equitable future for all. 

Within the College of Global Futures, ASU has dedicated an entire academic school to sustainability. ASU’s bachelor’s and master’s degrees in sustainability help students build the foundations for a career in environmental regulation or “green” technology.
Both undergraduate and graduate students who study this degree can choose from different focuses, including:

  • Sustainable energy, materials and technology
  • The economics of sustainability
  • Ecosystems of sustainability

2. Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation, BS

The world of health care continues to evolve as people stress the importance of accessibility, affordability and inclusion. As part of this evolution, today’s students are poised to create positive change and innovation in health care products, services and policies.

ASU’s bachelor’s degree in Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a great way for students to start building the skills that will shape the future of health and wellness.

With this degree, students develop design skills, test innovative products and learn how current trends make room for new opportunities. Whether focused on entrepreneurship, strategy or design, students can use their degree to make positive changes in health care.

3. Social Justice and Human Rights, BA or MA

Recently, social issues like inequality and injustice have leapt to the front of the minds of many global citizens. With these topics in focus, a degree in Social Justice and Human Rights at ASU can help students shape the future of society in a positive way.

With foundations in politics, sociology and anthropology, this degree prepares students to become public servants who can make meaningful and lasting changes to how society works.

This interdisciplinary degree focuses on:

  • Racial justice
  • Immigration
  • Feminism
  • Refugee rights
  • Identity
  • Inclusivity

Similarly, ASU’s BA, BS and MS degrees in Justice Studies shines a light on social justice in the context of the legal system.

4. Nonprofit Leadership and Management, BS or MGM

Nonprofit organizations defend the rainforests, further cancer research, feed hungry children and protect endangered species. One nonprofit, the World Health Organization, has played a vital role in coordinating the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Passionate students can do their part in shaping society for the better with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership and Management at ASU.

Through its internship program, undergraduates gain fieldwork experiences that often lead to professional opportunities in the nonprofit sector. Graduate students who earn a master’s degree in Global Management (MGM) with this concentration will develop knowledge and leadership skills in key nonprofit areas like fundraising, program evaluation, finance and governance.

Similarly to undergraduates, MGM students also benefit from valuable experiential learning. With a six- to seven-week immersion assignment, MGM projects take graduate students to destinations all over the world, helping them solve some of the real-world challenges facing nonprofit organizations.

5. Science and Technology Policy, MSTP

Long-standing pillars of STEM, science and technology are major forces in shaping the societies where we live. Perhaps equally important are the local, national and global policies that govern how societies build, use and integrate new science and technology.

ASU’s one-year master’s degree in Science and Technology Policy is a forward-thinking program based in ASU’s College of Global Futures. This ASU degree prepares students to have an impact in today’s science and technology decision-making.

Accordingly, graduates are primed to play a vital part in the development of socially responsible technology that tackles big issues like climate change, data privacy and artificial intelligence. In addition, MSTP degree-holders enter the workforce having learnt about sustainability, health and well-being, energy, equity, democracy, space exploration and much more.

In short, skills like these can impact the world for generations to come.

6. Innovation and Venture Development, MSIVD

Many students share a similar dream: starting their own venture that will make a positive impact on the future. ASU’s master’s degree in Innovation and Venture Development was created with students like these in mind.

A one-year multidisciplinary degree, graduate students will take a well-rounded course load across 3 different ASU schools: Engineering, Business and Design. These 3 schools have come together to create a truly unique degree program that serves the developmental needs of budding entrepreneurs.

In addition to mastering their own areas of expertise, students continue to cultivate their creativity and leadership skills while founding their own scalable businesses. The MSIVD program provides studio spaces for students to get hands-on experience working with a small founding team to help make their ideas come to life.

Most importantly, students will graduate having launched their own venture while enrolled in the program.

Make your mark on the future with a degree from ASU

To sum up, ASU stands proudly at the front of innovation among US universities. As such, the school has dedicated many resources aimed at unlocking student passion and developing students’ inner entrepreneurs.

In addition to the degrees noted above, a variety of bachelor’s and master’s degrees at ASU offer students the chance to study in fields that are poised to make a lasting impact on the future of society.

Explore ASU degrees in public health, technological innovation and environmental sustainability:

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