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Fees and dates for Simmons University

Cost of attendance for international students

Simmons University offers a competitively priced undergraduate education, particularly if you take advantage of the Simmons Kaplan Women’s Leadership Scholarship, and its campus housing gives you an affordable home in a lively student community.

Tuition rate and estimated costs are for the 2022–23 academic year.

Undergraduate tuition before scholarship - all majors except nursing*$42,920
Campus housing and meals$16,368
Standard college fees$1,290
Student health insurance$5,071
Estimated total cost before scholarship$65,649
Tuition deduction with 50% scholarship-$21,460
Estimated total cost with tuition scholarship$44,189

* Undergraduate nursing tuition rate is $47,028.

Save money by living on campus

Living on campus is a great way to save money on housing during your studies: the average monthly rent in Boston is $3,400, while on-campus options (including a meal plan) cost approximately $1,765 per month.

Important dates and deadlines

 Spring 2023Fall 2023Spring 2024
Honors Program application deadlinen/aFebruary 1, 2023n/a
General admission application deadlineDecember 1, 2022July 5, 2023November 30, 2023
Deposit and I-20 request deadlineDecember 10, 2022July 17, 2023December 9, 2023
Orientation and move-in dayMid-January (tbc)September 2, 2023Mid-January
First day of classesJanuary 17, 2023September 5, 2023January 16, 2024

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