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Programs at the University of Victoria

There are several study options for students interested in UVic. Here, you’ll find information on admission requirements to bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, including for students wanting to transfer into undergraduate programs. For students who do not yet meet the English language requirements, UVic also offers English preparation programs and a pathway program.

Want to see the degrees you could earn at UVic?

Your routes to a degree at the University of Victoria:


Degree admission 

Kaplan can help you apply for admission into a UVic bachelor’s or master’s degree program.

Best option for students who:

  • meet all the entry requirements for a UVic degree program


Transfer admission

Kaplan can help you apply for transfer admission into a UVic bachelor’s degree in Canada.

Best option for students who:

  • have already started their undergraduate degree and want to finish their degree at UVic


UVic Pathway Program

Delivered by UVic’s English Language Centre (ELC), this specialized bachelor’s degree preparation program allows you to meet UVic’s English language requirement while completing first-year degree courses.

Best option for students who:

  • Meet the academic requirements for bachelor’s degree admission, but need to boost their English language skills
  • Want to start the first year of university while taking advanced academic English classes


English preparation

Developed for international students seeking to improve their academic English language skills, UVic’s full-time English preparation programs focus on preparing you for degree-level study at UVic.

Best option for students who:

  • Need to develop their English language skills in academic reading, writing and research to qualify for a UVic degree or pathway program
  • Want to experience life as a student on the UVic campus before their degree