University of Victoria tuition and dates 

University of Victoria tuition and dates 

A UVic education is a significant and valuable investment that will reward you throughout your life. Here you’ll find an overview of the types of costs you’ll need to consider if you want to earn your degree in Canada at UVic.

Students must consider the following costs:

  • Tuition: the cost of your classes, and likely the most expensive element of your education
  • Student or off-campus housing: the cost of your accommodation while living in Victoria
  • Meal plan: an allotment of money that you can use to purchase food and beverages at UVic food outlets
  • Student fees: the cost of UVic student society, athletics and recreation, and bus pass
  • Mandatory health insurance: the cost of healthcare and dental coverage
  • Program fees: the cost of instruction above the base tuition amount, charged by some programs
  • Books and learning materials: the cost of course-related textbooks, workbooks and other materials 
  • Personal expenses: the cost of local transportation, as well as spending money for miscellaneous expenses while living in Victoria 

Cost of tuition

The biggest cost in your education abroad is likely to be tuition, which is the cost of your courses. Tuition prices vary by faculty.

Tuition costs for undergraduate students (per year)

Undergraduate degree programTypical lengthTuition and program fees*
Bachelor of Commerce4+ yearsCAD$32,866
Computer Science 4+ yearsCAD$34,228
Engineering majors4+ yearsCAD$35,840
All other bachelor’s degrees4+ yearsCAD$31,722
*Tuition figures are based on September to April 2024–2025 rates and are calculated on eight months of study (five courses per term, two terms per year). Figures are estimates only and may be subject to change.

Tuition costs for graduate students (per year)

Degree programLengthTuition and program fees*
Master of Business Administration (MBA)16 monthsCAD$34,902 full program
Master of Global Business (MGB)16 monthsCAD$43,587 full program
Master of Engineering (MEng) — Applied Data Science12 monthsCAD$40,851 full program
Master of Engineering (MEng) — Biomedical Systems12 monthsCAD$40,851 full program
Master of Engineering (MEng) — Industrial Ecology12 monthsCAD$27,060 full program
Master of Engineering (MEng) — Telecommunications and Information Security12 monthsCAD$32,304 full program
Other master’s degrees1–3 years$8,238 per year
*Rates are for 2024–25.

Tuition costs for UVic English Language Centre programs

ProgramTypical lengthTuition cost*
UVic Pathway Program11 monthsCAD$39,933
University Admission Preparation12 weeksCAD$4,500
Intensive English ELPI12 weeks per sessionCAD$4,500
*Rates are for 2024–25.

Additional costs

When you attend UVic, you’ll also need to plan for other costs, such as your student housing, meal plan, ancillary fees and books and class materials, as well as some spending money for transportation and activities. 

Student housing

Prices for on-campus student housing will vary based on the type of room you accept. All current high-school students in their graduating year are eligible for UVic’s first-year residence guarantee if they have not attended any post-secondary studies, and apply by the housing deadline. Student housing is available for upper-year undergraduate and graduate students, but is not guaranteed.

Learn more about student housing at UVic

Type of residence roomAvailable toPrice range (September to April)
Dormitory single bedroomFirst-year undergraduatesCAD$14,752–15,048 (includes meal plan)
Dormitory double room (2 people)First-year undergraduatesCAD$12,924 (includes meal plan)
Pod-style and cluster housingUpper-year undergraduatesCAD$9,022–9,120
Cluster housing and dormitory apartmentsGraduate students CAD$9,120–11,742
*Rates are for 2024–25.

Standard meal plan

When you move into a dormitory room at UVic, you automatically receive a standard meal plan. You can use the meal plan to purchase food and drinks at University dining facilities. The standard meal plan costs the same for all students, though you have the option to supplement your meal plan with a +PLUS account.

Student fees

Depending on which UVic program you join — and if you are required (or choose) to do a co-op placement — your total fees may differ accordingly. Below are some fees to consider.

  • Student society fee: CAD$148
  • UVic athletics: CAD$188
  • UVSS bus pass: CAD$162
  • Co-op program fee (for degrees with optional co-op): CAD$1,510

Also consider:

Total estimated expenses

Your overall cost to attend UVic will depend on your degree level and degree program. Below are estimated total expenses for undergraduate students.

Estimated annual expenses for undergraduate students

ProgramBachelor’s degree – most majorsBachelor’s in Engineering or Computer ScienceBachelor of Commerce
Tuition and program feeCAD$29,716CAD$33,634CAD$31,373  
Student housing and meal planCAD$11,967–13,934*CAD$11,967–13,934*CAD$11,967–13,934*
Student fees CAD$498CAD$558CAD$2,165
Co-op fee (optional for most programs; mandatory for Commerce and Engineering)  CAD$0–1,510CAD$0–1,510CAD$1,510
Healthcare coverageCAD$643CAD$643CAD$643
Books and suppliesCAD$2,000CAD$2,000CAD$2,000
Estimated total costCAD$44,824– 48,301CAD$48,802–52,279CAD$49,659–51,625
*rates are for 2023–24.

Important dates to know

Knowing the cost of your education is one thing, knowing when to submit applications, documents and payments is another. Below are some key dates to keep in mind.

Deadlines and admission dates at UVic

May 2024 start*September 2024 startJanuary 2025 start*
Application deadline for most bachelor’s degreesMarch 31, 2024Extension beyond 31 JanuarySeptember 30, 2024
Application deadline for Engineering bachelor’s degreesDecember 31, 2023Extension beyond 31 JanuaryNot available
Application deadline for Business master’s degreesNot availableApril 30, 2024August 31, 2024
Application deadline for MEng Biomedical Systems October 31, 2023​January 31, 2024May 31, 2024​
Application deadline for MEng Industrial Ecology (Sustainable Engineering)Not availableJanuary 15, 2024Not available
Application deadline for MEng Telecommunications & Information Security / MEng Applied Data ScienceNot availableApril 1, 2024Not available
International student orientationMay 6, 2024August 29, 2024January 2, 2025
First day of classesMay 8, 2024Sep 4, 2024January 6, 2025**
*Not all majors offer January and May starts ** Dates are based on the 2023–24 schedule and will be confirmed closer to semester start.


Designed to help lighten the financial burden on students and their families, scholarships are available. At UVic, you will be automatically considered for several merit-based scholarships once you’re admitted to a degree.


Entrance Scholarship for international first years with good grades

Up to 250 entrance scholarships

will be awarded by UVic to international undergraduate students in 2024-25

CAD$2,000 award

for International IB students with good grades

Kaplan scholarship

of up to 10% of tuition for first year undergraduates starting in Fall 2024

Up to CAD$17,500

scholarships awarded by the Faculty of Graduate Studies

In-course scholarships

available to undergraduate students after their first year

International student employment

At UVic, international students may have the opportunity to work on campus or off campus. To legally work on or off campus in Canada, you must meet certain eligibility criteria including full-time enrolment.

Additionally, nearly all international UVic students have the option to do a paid co-op as part of their studies. On average, UVic undergraduate co-op students earn CAD$3,287 per month. 

International undergraduate and graduate students can also take part in the Work Study program and earn up to CAD $5,950 per year to help with their expenses.

UVic undergraduate tuition estimate

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