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International Year One

If you’d like to study an undergraduate degree at a UK university, but don’t quite meet the entry requirements for your preferred choice, you should consider an International Year One (IYO). An IYO — a type of preparation course, or pre-bachelor’s — will allow you to reach the required level in time to start the 2nd year of a degree.

This undergraduate-level course will ease you into studying abroad, and combines academic preparation with the 1st year of a bachelor’s degree. This means that you can progress directly to your 2nd year of university undergraduate study in a range of subjects.

Why should I study an International Year One?

There are a number of reasons why an International Year One might be the right route to university for you:

  • Progress directly to your degree 2nd year

    The IYO is designed for students whose academic level makes them too advanced for the Foundation Certificate, but who don’t yet qualify to enter a bachelor’s degree directly. It therefore enables students to progress directly to their 2nd year of university in as little as 7 months, so you can still complete a standard UK bachelor’s degree in the normal 3 years.

  • Benefit from complete preparation

    Taking an IYO will fully prepare you for the academic level of university study in the UK. Our expert tutors will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed at university, enabling you to complete the 1st year of your degree before progressing to university.

  • Receive individual attention

    Adapting to student life in another country can sometimes take a little getting used to. Studying an IYO will help you adjust to living in a different culture, and you’ll have an extensive support network ready to assist you with whatever you need.

  • Enjoy an international experience

    Increasingly, employers value graduates who have spent some time abroad during their studies. An IYO is a great way to gain useful exposure to the wider world, and strengthen your chances of finding a good job when you finish university.

Hyun from Vietnam

Hyun from Vietnam

IYO student at Bournemouth University International College, UK

The teachers really take care of the students. My tutor always emails to check in, to make sure everything is ok, and to see how I’m progressing with my English. If you need extra assistance, tutors can give you extra homework, work with you to develop your skills or help you understand a difficult module.

Mustapha from Nigeria

Mustapha from Nigeria

IYO student at UWE Bristol's International College, UK

The thing I enjoy most about studying in the UK is the quality of the education and the environment. The teaching style at the College is great and they help us a lot here. I feel prepared for my degree and I think my pathway course has really made me feel ready for university.

Kavita from India

Kavita from India

IYO student at Nottingham Trent International College, UK

My pathway course is very personalised. There is a small number of students in classes, so you can have more direct contact with the teachers. For people starting, it’s a really good place to be.

International Year One entry requirements

Entry requirements vary. Typical requirements are:

  • Academic: at least 12 years of education
  • English language: UKVI IELTS 4.0 to 6.0 or accepted equivalent

Note: the duration of your IYO preparation course will vary depending on your English language and academic skills.

To find out more, please contact us.

How much does an IYO course cost?

Pathway course tuition fees are typically between £12,350 to £21,960, depending on your course length and study destination. See our UK how to apply page for more information about the costs involved in a UK pathways course.

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