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The USA attracts people from all over the globe with its promise of excitement and opportunity. It is an economic and cultural leader, a country of diverse landscapes and cultures, and home to many of the world’s top universities. For these reasons and more, the USA is the #1 destination for international students (IIE 2020).

The White House - student life USA

Cultural epicenter

American culture buzzes with creativity and invention. The USA has thriving movie, music and fashion industries that are loved worldwide, and subcultures full of fresh ideas.  Living in the USA means being at the source of the next new thing.

The Grand Canyon is close to Arizona State University - student life USA

Natural wonders

The USA has many inspiring natural spectacles, such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Niagara Falls, and the Great Lakes. The varied terrain includes everything from deserts and mountains to lakes and forests. Even in the cities, you’ll find green parks and bike trails, which make it easy to access nature no matter where you are.

The statue of liberty - student life USA

The world in one country

The USA was built by people from all over the world, each contributing their own traditions. Americans are known for being friendly and welcoming to everyone. Diverse food, music, arts and culture are a key part of local communities. American universities attract many international students, who are proud to represent their countries and cultures.

New York skyline - student life USA

Thriving economy

As the world’s largest economy, the USA is a leader in a number of diverse industries, with plenty of ways to gain work experience. Options include multinational corporations, dynamic start-up businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Here, there are many ways to design the future you want.

American football - student life USA

A haven for sports fans

Sports are a strong component of American life, from local community leagues to professional teams. State-of-the-art ballparks and arenas are the pride of major cities. Going to a game is an incredible experience, and a great way to see a city and its people.

A native american headdress - student life USA

Regional treasures

America’s size and history have created distinct regional cultures – from the Deep South to the Wild West – that are exciting to learn about. Explore local music styles and regional cuisines, learn native arts, and observe the unique blends of different cultures.

Zakir Ismayilov

Zakir from Azerbaijan

Following his path to BS Biological Sciences at Arizona State University

The USA has really surprised me. People are so free and independent. It sounds funny, but the most exciting thing for me was seeing young people wearing non-matching socks! That would cause a lot of embarrassment back home, but people here are so accepting. It makes me so happy.

U S A Student Genesis

Genesis from Ecuador

Studied a bachelor's degree in Business at Pace University

When I first came to the USA, I had a lot to learn about the culture. It was challenging at first, but now I love it here. Give yourself the opportunity to be open to new experiences – everything you’re doing will pay off in the end.

Campus life in the USA

As an international student, you will want to make the most of your experience living in the USA, while also fully engaging in university campus life. We can help you choose from a range of on-campus or nearby off-campus accommodations. Our student housing options at Arizona StateBoston, Pace, Simmons and UConn are comfortable, well-equipped and convenient residences in highly desirable neighborhoods.


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