What are the best universities for Business and Management?

10 Jan 2019 - Barni Homden

Why study a Business or Management degree?

A degree in Business or Management can help graduates take the first step on a rewarding career path. Just as importantly, it can also prepare them for navigating the ever-changing world of modern business. But which are the best universities for Business and Management degrees?

Many universities in the UK and USA offer degrees that can help students gain exposure to the business world.

Business and Management degrees cover a large range of topics that are relevant to nearly every industry. Management students pick up key skills in business and economics, human resources, information systems and management theory.

A degree in Management is a key indicator of leadership and management potential. A degree from one of the best universities for Business could give you an edge in the job market.

What are the best universities for Business and Management?

Business studies students

Kaplan works with a number of business-focused universities in the UK, offering highly regarded degrees in business and management.

The University of York has highly sought Business and Management degrees. The University offers students a choice of programmes, such as Business and Management, Engineering Management and Human Resource Management. Well regarded in the UK, it enjoys a ranking of 13 in the subject nationally (Guardian University Guide 2019).

Meanwhile, the University of Birmingham ranks 15th in the UK for Business and Management Studies (Complete University Guide 2019). Birmingham is a member of the prestigious Russell Group, and is based in one of the UK's largest and diverse cities.

The University of Birmingham, a red brick universityhas a varied selection of Business degrees, such as Business Management and International Business. These are offered along with mixed degrees, such as Chemistry with Business Management and Law with Business Studies.

Kaplan also works with 2 great universities in the English city of Nottingham. Nottingham Trent University is ranked top 20 in the UK (Guardian University Guide 2019) for Business, Management and Marketing. It also offers a huge range of degrees in the subject, including Business Management and Entrepreneurship, International Business and Project Management.

The University of Nottingham is also based in the city and ranked in the top 25 for the discipline (Complete University Guide 2019), the University has related degrees such as Management and International Management available for students via a Kaplan pathway course.

Business and Management in the USA

Northeastern University in Boston offers a wide variety of Business and Management degrees at the D’Amore-McKim Business School, ranked in the top 60 in the USA (U.S. News Education 2018). Northeastern University also gives students access to a brilliant undergraduate internship and work placement programme. Students with work experience are extremely valuable to employers

The University of Tulsa also has great Business degrees for students to consider. Tulsa's Business School is AACSB-accredited (the same accreditation as Harvard), and has excellent careers services for international students. If you study a Business degree at Tulsa, you can therefore expect great career opportunities!

How to study Business or Management in the UK or USA

Kaplan can help you start your path a great degree in Business or Management in the UK or USA. Simply use the degree finder below to find your ideal degree.


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