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Employability at the University of Nottingham International College

We want to see you succeed in your future career as well as in your degree. That’s why we’ll support you in building your employability and enhancing your CV before, during, and even after your pathway course, usually at no additional cost.

Before your pathway course

Pathways Preview is a brilliant resource that you can access prior to the start of your course. It helps you to familiarise yourself with Kaplan’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and to start thinking about your employability.

‘Your Online Reputation and Networks’ helps you to find professional organisations and groups that are relevant to your subject area and desired career field. Joining a professional network is a great way to make contacts within your industry, find opportunities to attend exciting talks and events, and get expert advice.

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Some professional groups and organisations that the University of Nottingham International College students have engaged with include:

  • Association for Project Management
  • Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
  • Royal Society of Biology
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • The British Academy

You will be able to continue building your professional network during your pathway course with the help of your Learning Advisors.

During your pathway course

You will have so many opportunities to gain career skills and professional experience during your studies at the College — click on each of the sections below to learn about them.

  • Live careers events

    Career Conversations are live events which are held regularly at the College throughout your course. They give you the chance to get advice and inspiration from industry experts such as employers and entrepreneurs who are interviewed by a panel of students.

    The interviews are available to watch online later, with added tasks to complete to ensure you can learn from all the helpful information.

  • Practical projects

    One great way you can build employability skills during your pathway course is by taking part in Applied Learning Week. This is a special week that happens twice per term, when instead of attending your regular classes, you can participate in a small group project.

    These projects are usually practical in nature; previous tasks have included building a website, producing a video, writing a business plan and giving a presentation. Each Applied Learning Week also has a unique theme, such as entrepreneurship, environment and sustainability, and local, national and global causes and issues.

    Applied Learning Week helps you to gain a range of practical skills that are very helpful in any job, like communication, organisation, research and teamwork, as well as giving you the option to get to grips with some previously unfamiliar technologies.

  • Professional certifications

    Professional certifications make a brilliant addition to your CV and can be really impressive to employers. As Kaplan has connections with a range of industry groups, you can gain a professional certification while you study your Pathway course.

    If you successfully complete a module in Entrepreneurship, you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement from the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, or you could choose to hone your Business skills with the New Technologies for Business Course by Kaplan Professional.

  • Professional development resources

    Pathways CareerSource is an interactive e-Book around personal and professional development. You can take fun quizzes and skills assessments to test your strengths and weaknesses and set goals.

  • Real-world assessments

    The ideal way to learn a skill is to practise it. This is why many of the assessments on your programme will be based on the tasks that you will be likely to encounter both in your degree and your future career.

    For example, if you’re studying Science you might be asked to write a lab report, or if you’re a Business and Finance student, you could need to write a realistic report on company strategy, while Media students would produce a vlog.

  • Skills portfolio

    Your Kap-PACK e-Portfolio is an online record of all your skills and achievements that you’ll complete during your time at the College. It includes 5 sections for you to fill in:

    • About Me
    • Personal Development
    • Academic Exploration
    • Communicative Ability
    • Knowledge, Skills and Experience

    Completing your Kap-PACK e-Portfolio can help you to track your progress and identify any areas you might need to improve on. It’s also a great way to showcase all your talents! You can even apply for a special Kap-PACK Plus Award in Community or Leadership if you take on some extracurricular work, which really demonstrates your ambition and enthusiasm.

By taking advantage of this range of employability opportunities, you’ll be able to gain skills that really help you to stand out.

After your pathway course

You will be able to continue working on your employability after your course ends with Pathways Extra, a handy resource for pathways alumni. As well as helping you to build on your current academic knowledge and prepare for your degree, Pathways Extra includes more material on how to gain career skills at university and beyond.

You will be able to study for the Certificate of Achievement from the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs if you didn’t do so during your course, as well as reflect further on your professional network. Plus, you will get an advance look at all of the employability initiatives on offer at the University of Nottingham, so you can plan how to make the most of your time there.

Your degree and beyond

You will have many further opportunities to prepare for your career at the University of Nottingham. The University holds regular careers and employability events, including workshops and webinars on writing a great CV, preparing for interviews and even studying abroad. There will also be recruitment fairs where you can meet employers and learn all about a range of different companies.

You will also be able to take part in the Nottingham Advantage Award, a free scheme which formally recognises all your extracurricular activities at the University, as well as preparing you for entry to the job market.

Once you graduate, you can even stay in the UK for up to 2 years to gain further work experience with the Graduate Route visa. All this means you’ll be well-placed to start a successful career at home or overseas!


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