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Glasgow International College courses

Students have several course options at Glasgow International College, to prepare for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Undergraduate: Foundation Certificate

If you’ve finished high school but don’t meet the entry requirements for university, a Foundation Certificate can help you gain entry to an undergraduate degree.

For progression to the 2nd year of a bachelor’s degree at the University of Glasgow. Choose a subject to see more information:


Postgraduate: Pre-Master’s

If you hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, but don’t meet the entry requirements for a master’s, a Pre-Master’s can help you gain a place on a postgraduate degree.

For progression to a master’s degree at the University of Glasgow. Choose a subject to see more information:


Students who pass their pathway course but don’t meet the progression requirements for their chosen University of Glasgow degree are guaranteed a place at a UK university through our University Placement Service.

Download course details for the 2021-22 academic year

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