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Lauretta a student from York smiling and posingLauretta a student from York smiling and posing

York student Lauretta’s tips for managing the January blues 

As the holiday season wraps up, students often grapple with the notorious ‘January blues’ as they return to the routine of university life at the University of York. After all, going from festive celebrations to academics demands can be challenging!  

Here are some tips to help you overcome the January blues. 

Personalise your space

When the outside world gets dark and cold, make your inside space cosy and warm! Set up fairy lights, a tabletop lamp, and even throw in some extra blankets and pillows. Be as snug as possible!  

We may not be able to escape the winter darkness, but having a room where you feel relaxed and comfortable would help a lot! Be creative when decorating your space, so whenever you return from a long, cold day, you know you’re safe and sound! 

Go on study or friend dates 

With exams approaching and the sky getting dark whenever you step out of the library, one way to make it more fun is to do it with friends!  

Plan study sessions and brave the winter together! If studying with others isn’t your preference, I’d suggest checking in on your friends regularly and spending time with them. Everyone can get a little bit stressed and lonely in January, so ensuring you’re not alone can make a big difference! 

Set smaller goals 

Entering the new year with exams coming up can be intimidating. But whether you’re setting academic goals or making new year’s resolutions, it’s important to keep them realistic and achievable. Breaking down grand objectives into smaller, manageable steps gives you a sense of accomplishment.  

So, instead of aiming to be top of your class, why not consider committing to revising and working for two hours each day instead? This way, you’ll avoid biting off more than you can chew or getting overwhelmed.  

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Eat well 

One very important element of student life that often gets overlooked is food! The nutrition and energy you provide yourself determines so much of your life.  

An exercise and self-care routine would not matter if you’re not eating well in the first place. Warm food on the table and a full stomach can go a long way to improving your mindset. Although time is scarce for a student, making an effort to have a fulfilling meal each night makes a big impact.  

You don’t need anything fancy — maybe just add an egg, some greens, or some fruits to your everyday meal! 

Study at the University of York 

If you would like to follow Lauretta’s footsteps and become a student at the University of York, Kaplan can help! 

With us, you can study a degree preparation course at the University of York International Pathway College. After passing your course with the required grades and good attendance, you’re guaranteed a place on your chosen master’s or bachelor’s degree.  

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